• February 03, 2023, 10:25:58 PM
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Author Topic: DSL-2750B Firmware update fails with error message: Bad Upgrade File Header  (Read 36810 times)


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Well since my ego is empowered more by the OPs violation of forum policy, and not "POOPED" on, thus his inflammatory posts have been removed and this thread is not CLOSED and LOCKED. Why thank you sir. You just made my day.  ;D

Was all of that really needed? Ok, Ya I should have posted more reason behind why I recommended you contacting D-Link support or getting into a retail version since your modem is loaded with NON D-LINK OEM FW. Doing anything to an ISP loaded modem may cause other problems and be in violation of ISP policy and use standards on there network. I did ask you to contact them in the first place since you told us that it was loaded with Verizon FW and not D-Link FW. Its a safety measure that you as a Verizon customer should understand and understand the risks involved should something happen if a user changes any FW on there HW you get from the ISP. Even though it may say D-Link on the HW, If 3rd party or ISP FW is loaded, this dissolves any responsibility that D-Link has with the HW and FW and moves that to the user and ISP. ISPs will sometimes frown upon users and there HW connecting to there networks. It's always advised to contact them and ask to see what there policies are. Also if this is a ISP owned HW that is rented or leased to you, ISPs may not take kindly to a user modifying there FW loaded on there HW. This is why I mentioned getting into a retail version of the modem which would have D-Link FW loaded on it. This would also avoid having to pay any rental fees that ISP may impose on there customers. Each region and ISP have there own policies and standards. IT's up to users and customers to be aware of them and follow them.
Fuzzy, Your an alright fellow and I'm fairly certain it was me who got your whiskers standing on end and I apologize.  It wasn't personal towards you;  it was my frustration and I should have been more responsible in the direction which I was pointing my canon.  That said I'm impressed with your reasonability and I feel that I can safely assume that you hold no grudges.  I understand that in your situation you are obligated to cya, so if I fuffled your feathers it wasn't a personal attack (although it may have been a bit irresponsible of me), but you handled everything with "firm" grace. Everyone's a jerk once in a while and I'm empowered by admitting it.   Best regards.  Zoiks and away, Johnny 4.54


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Four years later.  :o That's ok. All is good.
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