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Author Topic: Beta Code!  (Read 52427 times)


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Beta Code!
« on: January 08, 2008, 12:14:44 PM »

Warning: This code is used at your own risk. D-Link is not responsible for damage caused to your router or network through its use.

The following beta firmware is provided on a trial basis only and without any kind of warranty. It is heavily advised not to use this beta firmware for any critical purpose.
 By downloading the beta firmware file, you expressly agree that the use of the firmware is at your own risk and discretion.
It is not supported through the normal support channels. All questions, comments and issues should be directed to this board.

This code is for use with the DIR-615 Revision_B Only!

Click the link below to download the code.

Clickthe link below for instructions on how to install firmware.
Release Notes:

 Fix Reserve DHCP Client function fail when use 'Edit' function    
   (Not Need reboot router)

 PPPOE with MS CHAP, if challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol use wrong(unexpect) data, router will crash
   (Example Message: E=691 R=1 C=Data   if Data characters size gigger than 100~200 bytes or No C=Data)

 Schedule rule cannot be deleted or rename when wireless schedule in use

 Fix: daylight saving - popup message 'DST end month must be different than DST start month'

 Remove Advanced->Firewall Settings->ALG help

 Inbound Filter more check illegal ip address, such as 127.x.x.x, 224.x.x.x~239.x.x.x

 Reboot Need if Enable <-> Disable DMZ function

 Access Control, Policy Name show incorrectly, if name contain '<' '>'

 Access Control, Step 3, if IP address and MAC are same Machine, popup warning.

 Fix Time: Current Router Time, add daylight saving offset if daylight saving enable and into day light saving date

 Fix Time: Daylight Saving Dates add 6th week

 QoS Engine, remote ip address check illegal ip address, such as 127.x.x.x, 224.x.x.x~239.x.x.x

 Status->Device Info:  fix: QoS Engine status, determine by Traffic Shaping Status

 RTS Threshold default value from 0..2347 to 1..2347

 PPPOE/L2TP/PPTP Manual Mode, 'Idle Time' field to gray. (and value set to 0)

 Fix router will reboot if wps with unconfige mode and add new station.

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