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Author Topic: old dcs 942 with corrupted flash firmware or ddPack source code  (Read 4610 times)


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why am i doing this you may ask, well bored and don;t like waste
so i have a dcs 942 and have connected via the serial line inside
it's a classic red lighter and i can see what is going on, the linux image has corrupted, so the burnin bootloader fails and stops
it is possible ro flash from the SD card new firmware, BUT this is not the file format that the firmware page gives us
that is a bundled bash script and embedded loader software and then image binary
the script basically splits the file and creates a binary called ddPack from the uuencoded blob
what i want is an image that either burnin or uboot can use to either boot from sdcard or flash from sd card
i've tried to split the firmwar binary, but can't get it to work, not sure whether that's the software my hacks or what
does anyone have the source code for ddPack
or a plain image i can flash or boot linux from
baffling why the devs decided to make it this complicated


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Re: old dcs 942 with corrupted flash firmware or ddPack source code
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2022, 06:16:48 AM »

am using a similar dlink camera to record the blue tits in a nesting box works very well
so want to use this for same