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Author Topic: Cloud Recording - Subscription FAQs  (Read 24075 times)


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Cloud Recording - Subscription FAQs
« on: January 26, 2018, 10:30:44 AM »

What are the available cloud recording subscription plans? What is the appropriate plan for me?
- Depending on how many days you want to record and how many cameras you have, D-Link offers different subscription plans available for different types of usage cases. Please check for the latest information in the mydlink app.

Does cloud recording support continuous recordings or schedule recordings?
- No, it supports event-triggered recordings only.

Is there a free trial plan for the mydlink cloud recording service?
- Yes! A free trial subscription is available as soon as you activate the plan. Note: The free trial is available up until December 2018.

Does the free trial plan contain full set of cloud recording features and have no restriction compared to other paid plans?
- The free trial, provides 1 day of cloud recordings for up to 3 cameras.

Can I have more than one free trials?
- No, there is only one free trial per account.

How can I change the plan?
- You can change the subscription plan anytime from the mydlink app.

Can I renew the plan automatically?
- Your subscription plan will be renewed automatically once you subscribe to a plan.

When I renew a plan, how will mydlink cloud recording service activate the new plan?
- Your new subscription plan will be effective after your existing plan ends.

Can I switch the plan to my other mydlink account?
- No, you canít switch the plan to another mydlink account.

Do I need to manage space?
- No. Your videos will be automatically overwritten, based on the subscription plan you choose.

Can I remove cloud record videos manually?
- Yes, you can remove cloud recording videos manually.

Can I set up a time to overwrite videos on the cloud?
- No, you canít set up a time to overwrite videos on the cloud.

How do you delete videos based on storage limits and day limits?
- Your videos will be deleted when they reach the storage limits or day limits according to your subscription plan.

If I replace one camera with another new camera, will the video still remain?
- Yes, your videos from the removed camera will still be stored and maintained per the plan guidelines.

How do I store and maintain videos if there are multiple videos from multiple cameras?
- mydlink cloud only considers the creation date of your videos. The oldest videos will be removed automatically per the plan guidelines, once the plans time frame limit has been reached.

What will happen to my recordings if I donít subscribe?
- If you donít subscribe to any plan by the end of the trial, the recorded videos will be erased each day after the period of time that they were recorded and new events will not be stored.

Can I record HD videos to mydlink cloud?
- Yes, you can record 720P and 1080P videos to the cloud, depending on the resolution setting of the device.

How long is each video on mydlink cloud?
- Each video file is up to 1 minute.

Can I download my video clips on my mobile device?
- Yes. You can download videos from the cloud to your mobile device. Note: Your videos will remain in the cloud, based on the subscription plan you choose.