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Title: DNS-325 - Remote Backup Between Two DNS-325s
Post by: JavaLawyer on June 08, 2012, 06:40:18 AM
The following procedure describes how to configure a remote backup between two DNS-325 devices.



Setup NAT entries

This step is only required if backups will be performed over the Internet. Log into the router web interface and forward ports 22, 873, and 62057 to the DNS0325  internal IP address

Sample Router Port Forwarding Settings

Configure the Remote Server

To enable the remote backup service, the remote server needs to be enabled on the destination DNS-325. The destination DNS-325 is where the backup data will reside.

Configure Remote Backups

This procedure will identify the directories that will be backed up to the remote (destination) DNS-325. These steps must be performed on the source DNS-325 (i.e. DNS-325 containing the source data to be backed up).

Schedule Settings