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Author Topic: DCS-9XX - Fix for Visual Artifacts [Hardware Modification]  (Read 10079 times)


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DCS-9XX - Fix for Visual Artifacts [Hardware Modification]
« on: February 27, 2013, 06:50:29 PM »

This procedure is designed to fix visual artifacts (e.g. horizontal lines) under low/no light conditions reported by multiple owners of DCS-930, DCS-930L, and DCS-932L cameras. The suspected cause is the omission of noise filtering of the CMOS signal under low light conditions. These image artifacts have resulted in reports of false positive motion detection events. This procedure involves opening the DCS-9XX case and soldering a capacitor on the camera. This procedure is a DIY hardware modification not supported or sanctioned by D-Link.


  • Tested capacitors: 470uF 16V, 470uF 6.3V, and 330uF 6.3V
  • Select a capacitor from the list of tested specifications that is physically small enough to close the camera case following soldering
  • Open the camera case
  • Solder the negative (-) terminal of the capacitor to the camera C38 point
  • Solder the positive (+) terminal of the capacitor to the camera L8 point
  • Reassemble the camera case

Capacitor Solder Points

Capacitor In Place

Results (Before and After)

Before Fix Is Applied (Note Horizontal Lines)

After Fix is Applied

Additional Resources


The procedure described in this post is not sanctioned by D-Link, the thread poster, or content contributors for improving the performance or functionality of D-Link network cameras. Neither D-Link, the thread poster, nor content contributors warrant against damage to the camera on which this procedure is applied, property damage, or injury resulting from the application of this procedure. Individuals who choose to perform this procedure, do so at their own risk and will void the D-Link warranty for their DCS camera on which this procedure is performed.

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