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Title: Motion detect not working with DCS-6113
Post by: Teamyankee on June 20, 2014, 07:15:05 AM
Hi all, I've posted in the DC-6113 section too..

Using a DCS-6113 with motion detect and my DNR-326 is unable to record any motion - nothing happens.
DNR-326 FW is version 2.00
DCS-6113 FW is version 1.10    - I've tried to update it but it won't update with IE9 or IE10 -get a 404 site not found error.
Any other way to get a FW update on it ?

The camera seems to indicate that motion is being detected but flashing a red box around the area but the DNR will only record when set to full time recording.

Do I need an SD card in the camera even though I'm recording to the DNR-326?

Any ideas, as the NVR event logs are not showing an motion detections...?