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Author Topic: DAP-2360 DHCP isolated from the wired network.  (Read 5004 times)


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DAP-2360 DHCP isolated from the wired network.
« on: April 28, 2020, 04:46:13 PM »

We've been using DAP-2360s for years and now are thinking it's time to replace them.
One of the features of the DAP-2360 is how it handles DHCP.  In fact, I don't even know what to call the feature.
Maybe someone can put a name to it:

DAP-2360 used (as intended) as an access point in an office LAN.  Wireless clients end up on the same subnet as the wired computers, printers, etc.
The LAN has no DHCP service - all of the wired devices have static IP addresses.  This is by intent of course.
But, as above, the wireless clients get their addresses on the same subnet via DHCP from the DAP-2360.
The DAP-2360 does NOT propagate DHCP service up the wire - it only affects the wireless segment.
(I believe that IF the DAP-2360 DHCP is turned off, and IF the LAN has a DHCP server then wireless clients would be treated the same as any other client on the network.  So their "requests" go up the wire it appears.  But, as above, the SERVICE doesn't.)
To be clear, there is but one VLAN and there is no NAT (I don't think the DAP-2360 provides NAT but it does provide VLANs - haven't looked into that).

What is this isolation of DHCP service from the wire called?
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