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Title: WiFi Issues
Post by: CadaverFE on January 15, 2021, 08:49:14 PM
Greetings group.
I really do love this router. But lately (as in, the past couple of weeks) it's been giving us some grief.
Basically it's begun to do that 'every hour at pretty regular intervals it drops for about 5-10 seconds'. Every day at __:04  like clockwork. Now i've seen some internet posts at random places about this issue. But no one seems to solve it directly so i came here since this is the router we have.
At first we thought it was Spectrum. And we also kinda thought it was our location (we're not exactly in the big city USA any more). But again, it's only been doing this the last couple of weeks. But a wifi check of my area shows us being in a good spot. The router is in a decent location in our house. Not too many devices are on it at any given time (usually about 9). And let me stress this - it's only been doing this the last couple of weeks. So i don't believe it's any of those things anyway. A more key point i've checked as well; we haven't made any changes to the routers' actions or specs.
I think. I have suspected the scheduling may be a culprit. I have it set to turn itself off from 0200-0800 every day to stop it from radiating when we don't use it. But it's had this setting as well for quite some time.
In any case, anyone got any solutions or real ideas? Everywhere i've looked doesn't either solve this issue or present a solution i could do that makes sense. Help would be greatly appreciated.
Hardware B1  |   Firmware v2.02
On a related topic, can i upgrade the firmware? Or are upgrades too unstable for this?
Title: Re: WiFi Issues
Post by: FurryNutz on January 16, 2021, 11:36:49 AM
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