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Author Topic: DCS Network Cameras - Using Port Forwarding to Access a Camera from the Internet  (Read 63545 times)


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This procedure describes how to setup a D-Link network camera for direct access via the Internet without using mydlink.

D-Link Network Camera Configuration

  • Log into the D-Link network camera web UI from a PC web browser on the same LAN as the camera
  • Navigate to SETUP > Network Settings > PORT SETTINGS (This path may vary depending on the D-Link network camera model)
  • Take note of the HTTP Port number. The default value is 80. Many ISPs will block port 80, so this value may need to be changed to an alternate value (e.g. 85). If multiple cameras are connected to the same router, then each camera must have a different port number.
  • Save all changes made to the above settings

Optional (but Strongly Recommended) D-Link Network Camera Configurations

Logging into a D-Link network camera using the Admin user account will provide full access to configure and modify the camera settings, resulting in potential security issues. Creating a dedicated user account limited to the LIVE VIDEO page will offer greater security, particularly if camera access will be shared with other users.

  • Log into the D-Link network camera web UI from a PC web browser on the same LAN as the camera
  • Navigate to MAINTENANCE > Admin > ADD USER ACCOUNT (This path may vary depending on the D-Link network camera model)
  • Create a new user account by entering a new User Name and Password (select a password that is different from the Admin account)
  • Press the Add button
  • The new user account should appear on the USER LIST table
  • This user account will only have access to the web UI LIVE VIDEO page

Router Configuration

  • Log into your router web UI and navigate to the Port Forwarding page from a PC web browser on the same LAN as the router and D-Link network camera
  • Create a new Port Forwarding entry using the values specified in the steps below
  • Enter the network camera IP address (i.e. the numerical address used to log into the network camera web UI)
  • Enter the D-Link network camera port number (see above steps)
  • Take note of the WAN IP Address provided by your IP provider. The WAN IP address should be available in the Status page of your router web UI (Note: this IP address is different from the typical 192.168.x.x address assigned by your router)
  • Save all changes to the above settings

Accessing the D-Link Network Camera from the Internet

  • Open a web browser and enter the the following URL http://[WAN_IP_ADDRESS]:[PORT_NUMBER] (e.g.
  • [WAN_IP_ADDRESS] = IP Address assigned by your ISP provider
  • [PORT_NUMBER] = HTTP Port number set in the D-Link network camera web UI
  • When the web UI is loaded, a popup window will prompt for the username and password. Enter either the Admin account or additional user accounts created through the network camera web UI


  • If the above procedure does not work with port 80, then try using an alternate port value
  • If the HTTP Port is changed to a value other than 80, then accessing the camera from your LAN (i.e. local network) will require explicitly adding the port number: http://[LAN_IP_ADDRESS]:[PORT_NUMBER] (e.g.
  • If multiple cameras are configured off the same router, each camera must have a different port number (e.g. DCS-932L#1 = Port 81, DCS-932L#2 = Port 82, DCS-932L#3 = Port 83)

Additional Resources

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