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Author Topic: Tip for pin not correct issue and manual firmware update.  (Read 11247 times)


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Tip for pin not correct issue and manual firmware update.
« on: February 18, 2018, 03:36:37 AM »

This is an info tip for future reference. (And Thankyou to GreenBay42)
 This info worked on my DSP-W215-A1, but may or may not work for your device.
I bought mine as a used smart plug from an online auction site. I tried to add it as a device on mydlink home app.
I got halfway through the setup, but at the pin stage it said " The pin code is not correct. Please try again. ", long story short it didn't work.
.... It does work now though. ....

So I did the manual update sugested by GreenBay42 in another forum.

The procedure goes like this, it will reset the settings on the DSP-W215 to default.
Time required about 30 minutes.

1. Download and extract the current .bin firmware from dlink to your phone or computer.
2. Unplug the w215.
3. Write down the PIN listed on the back of the w215, for future use.
4. Press and hold the wps button on the side of the w215.
5. Continue to hold the wps button while plugging the w215 back in.
6. Continue to hold the wps button for 10 or 15 seconds, then release the wps button.
7. Wait for about 2 minutes then connect to the wifi ssid of the w215 (like example DSP-1234).
8. Use your web browser to go to , (it should redirect to ).
9. Your browser should display a recovery page where you can upload the firmware file, upload the .bin file.
10. Find something entertaining or fun to do for 15 minutes while the update upgrade installs.
(10a. Optional, after the "upgrade successfully" and 15 minutes, unplug and plug back in the w215, wait 1 minute then press and hold the wps for 15 seconds and release. This might help clear some issues after the update.)
11. Press the wps button on your internet router for about 3 seconds, then release.
12. Briefly or quickly press and release the wps button on the w215 (about 1/2 second to 1 second).
13. Go do something else for 5 minutes, while the wps blinks (there is a mild joke in there).
14. Connect to your router wifi from your phone or computer.
15. Start and login to the mydlink home app.
16. Select the gear setting icon, select add a new device (or it may pop up that a device was added to the network, just select that).
17. Use qr or manual setup, and follow the instructions.
17a. If manual I just click through quickly. Manual setup. Smart Plug. DSP-W215A1. Next. Next. WPS. Next. Next. Search again sometimes. Enter PIN  ;D , yes it accepted it. Comfirm timezone, name it plug something. Then finally it works.

Again, this is just what worked for me and it may or may not work for you or other devices like windows or iphone or ios.

 DSP-W215 hw A fw 1.00 manually updating to hw A fw 1.25 , my dlink home v 3.0.9 , using LGMS550 android 7.0 , usa norcal, Feb.18.2018.