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Author Topic: DNS-343 - Configuring NFS Network Access  (Read 57269 times)


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DNS-343 - Configuring NFS Network Access
« on: June 13, 2012, 06:01:44 AM »

The following procedure describes how to configure NFS network access on a DNS-343. These steps were tested on firmware version 1.05.

Configuring the Host DNS-343

  • Using a web browser, enter the IP address of your DNS-343
  • Press the Configuration button
  • Navigate to ADVANCED > Network Access > NFS SETTINGS
  • Set NFS Server to Enable and click Apply
  • Wait for the page to refresh
  • Navigate to ADVANCED > Network Access > NETWORK ACCESS SETTINGS
  • Set Type to NFS
  • Set Host to [Router_IP_ADDRESS_RANGE_START]/24 (e.g. use, where the IP address range starts at and the subnet mask is The value /24 will enable all clients in the address range to connect to the DNS-343). If only one particular client will connect to the DNS-343 (e.g. media player) then enter the specific IP address of the client without the /24
  • Set Folder to a specific DNS-343 directory for sharing (e.g. Volume_1/Some/Folder)
  • Edit Permissions as necessary
  • Click Save Settings
  • After the page refreshes, the NFS List will include a new entry for the shared directory.
  • Take note of the Real Path: /mnt/HD_a2/Some/Folder as this information is required to configure the client(s)

Configuring the Client Windows 7 (Enterprise/Ultimate) PC

  • Navigate to Control Panel > Programs and Features
  • Select Turn Windows features on or off on the left side of the window
  • Wait for the Turn Windows features on or off window to open and refresh
  • Locate and expand the Windows features list Services for NFS; check Administrative Tools and Client for NFS; and click OK.
  • Navigate to Control Panel\System and Security\Administrative Tools\Services for Network File System (NFS). Click "Client for NFS" and in "Action" menu check the service to be started. If not then click "Start Service". Here, on the right, you can also find some useful help links.
  • Open command prompt (cmd) and type mount -o mtype=soft anon fileaccess=7 \\\mnt\HD_a2\Some\Folder n:, where:
    • - mtype can be soft or hard, where in the event of a lost connection hard will indefinitely try to connect to the client and may negatively impact client performance
    • - is the DNS-343 IP address
    • - \mnt\HD_a2\Some\Folder is the actual path of the DNS-343 shared directory
    • - n: is the drive letter to mount the share.
  • Press Enter. If the message The command completed successfully displays, then the configuration was successful. If you would like to validate the configuration settings, enter dir n: to list the available files/folders on the DNS-343 share. Additionally, the share should display in My Computer as a Network Location. If the share does not appear as a Network Location, then check the command prompt window not to be opened as Administrator because the mount command will take affect only for the user that issued the command. Other useful commands include mount to display the mounted HDDs and umount -a to unmount all HDDs.

Configuring a Client Media Player

Navigate to the NFS share settings section in the media player and enter the Server IP with the [DNS_343_IP_ADDRESS]. For the Share Name enter the actual path of the DNS-343 shared directory (e.g. \mnt\HD_a2\Some\Folder).

This FAQ supports D-Link DNS model NAS accept for the following models: 321, 323, 326, and 726-4.

Content for this solution submitted by forum member: iuliand

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