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Author Topic: Traffic segmentation.  (Read 1855 times)


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Traffic segmentation.
« on: November 27, 2019, 12:01:13 PM »


My company bought several D-Link switches of 2 types: DGS-1510-28P and DGS-1510-20 to test our internet chip, and I have an issue with using Traffic segmentation.
Please see the attached image.  The setting is quite simple as you can see.  Basically, we want to forward packets between ports 1/0/3 to 1/0/4, port 1/0/2 is just there to capture and debug if something happens.  This is one of the groups of ports.

Port           Forwarding Domain
eth1/0/1   eth1/0/17-1/0/20
eth1/0/3   eth1/0/2,1/0/4
eth1/0/4   eth1/0/2-1/0/3
eth1/0/6   eth1/0/2,1/0/5
eth1/0/7   eth1/0/2,1/0/8
eth1/0/8   eth1/0/2,1/0/7
eth1/0/10     eth1/0/2,1/0/9
eth1/0/12   eth1/0/2,1/0/11
eth1/0/14     eth1/0/2,1/0/13
eth1/0/17     eth1/0/1
eth1/0/18     eth1/0/1
eth1/0/19     eth1/0/1
eth1/0/20     eth1/0/1

We don't use ports 1/0/1 and 1/0/15-1/0/20.

However, it appears that the setting is not stable.  It works sometime, and other time, packets are NOT forwarded.
Please let me know how I can make sure that the Traffic Segmentation works ALL THE TIMES!