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Author Topic: Firmware 1.40B019 Released  (Read 6182 times)


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Firmware 1.40B019 Released
« on: September 22, 2017, 07:22:48 AM »

Firmware version 1.40B019 has been released.

Firmware and release notes  --> ftp://FTP2.DLINK.COM/PRODUCTS/DGS-1510-SERIES/DGS-1510-SERIES_REVA_FIRMWARE_v1.40.019.zip

New Features:

1. Add UDP helper
2. Enhance the show logging output for stacking features
3. Enhance priority between IP Source Guard and user-defined ACL
4. Change IPv6 Route Advertisement from host to router mode
5. Add LBD v4.07
6. Add Auto Surveillance VLAN 2.0
7. Add stacking MIBs for G2 CLI, swUnitMgmtStartPort,swUnitMgmtPortRange
8. Add TLS 1.2
9. Enhance CLI for "Show running-config" with output modifiters [effective | all] [interface INTERFACE-ID]
10. Enhanced login page for Web UI to have the “username : admin” being filled in
11. Enhance Trap Source Interface in "SNMP Global Setting" page
12. Add PD-Alive


1. Fixed some SNMP bugs issue. (DI20150907000007-DJP)
2. Fixed physical stacking bug where master's configuration was overwritten by slave unit (DI20151014000001-DJP)
3. Fixed physical stacking bug when master unit is down, flags on slave and backup master were not updated (DI20151111000001-DJP)
4. Fixed the bug to protect memory allocation to prevent allocated memory blocks from overlapping (DI20151221000005-DJP)
5. Fixed VLAN option 'replace' being accidently removed from Web UI by software R&D. (DEUR20160530000001-DEUR)
6. Fixed ERPS and LAG software bug when they are both enabled via WebUI. (DEUR20160427000005-DEUR)
7. Fixed sFlow bug not getting a system interface address when interface vlan1 doesn't exist (DRU20160201000001-DRU)
8. Fixed javascript error bug on html for webUI (DEUR20160921000004-DEUR)
9. Fixed some bugs on ACL rules (DI20151019000004-DJP)
10. Fixed webUI's webpage bug (DEUR20170511000002-DEUR)
11. Fixed ERPS ring's bug when 2 switches are rebooted (DEUR20170516000004-DEUR)
12. Fixed CPU's Ingress Backpressure (IBP) limitation by enlarging its IBP threshold (DEUR20170301000006-DEUR)
13. Fixed some bug issues related to:
14. Difference between running-config and startup-config.
15. ERPS blank profile cannot be removed.
16. ERPS won't be in idle status if it is applied with a blank profile.
17. (DI20151124000002-DJP, DI20170201000004-DJP)
18. Fixed a SSH security bug (DRU20170120000003-DRU)
19. Fixed NTP DDOS vulnerability issues (DGC20170704000001-DTW)
Fixed CPU utilization deficiencies in Web UI, related to case (DRU20150818000002-DRU)
20. Fixed Web UI javascript bug which affected SNMP settings (DRU20151109000002-DRU)
21. Fixed DHCP Server Screening implementation to limit the global server number to 5 (DGC20150914000005-DTW)
22. Fixed LBD bug being trapped at CPU without processing (DGC20150828000002-DTW)
23. Fixed IP addresses' bug for endian formatting (DGC20151019000002-DTW)
24. Fixed MAC Authentication CLI bug (DRU20151102000005-DRU)
25. Fixed group name mismatch bug in MIB (DI20151104000006-DJP)
26. Fixed default VLAN ip address display in Web UI (DGC20151109000001-DTW)
27. Fixed QoS' meter max rate bug (DEUR20151124000011-DEUR)
28. Fixed IP addresses' endian formatting bug when using TFTP server to upload configuration (DRU20151221000003-DRU)
29. Fixed physical stacking bug when f/w upgrading is not propagated properly to slaves (DUSA20151203000001-DUSA)
30. Fixed software coding bug related to physical stacking and web UI's features (DEUR20160617000002-DEUR)
31. Fixed Radius bug for retrieving wrong IP address (DRU20160728000001-DRU)
32. TLS 1.2 issues, which is not supported on older f/w. This feature is added in this version (DEUR20160920000003-DEUR)
33. Fixed Web UI's HTML coding error (DEUR20170124000001-DEUR)