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Title: DNS-325 Firmware and HDDs
Post by: TheGimp on February 03, 2019, 03:42:34 PM
Hi folks,

Running 2x WD7500AAYS 750GB in Standard mode.
System OS: Linux Mint
Browsers: Firefox and Chromium

Web mgmt is accessible, and drives are accessible via network.
Drives are visible to System Status as OK.
But in Disk Mgmt -> Hard Drive Configuration, neither the 'Set RAID type and reformat' nor 'Manually rebuild now' buttons are clickable (rollover event occurs on mouse cursor). The HDD LEDs are flashing orange rapidly. There's no access using MyFiles app in web mgmt.

Fw reset done, no change.
Fw: 1.05b03 (I think) and Fw date is in 2016.

All ideas appreciated.