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Title: Beta Firmware 2.02 Build 01 Release Notes (updated 11/10/2011)
Post by: D-Link Multimedia on June 01, 2011, 08:48:55 AM
v2.02b01      Release Date - 09/23/2011   

1. [New Feature] Support 3TB Disk.
2. [Bug Fix] Apple Finder failed to browse file through Samba issue.
3. [New Feature] Support Amazon S3 Cloud Backup.
4. [Bug Fix]Support WD My Book Essential 2TB USB 2.0.
5. [Bug Fix]P2P shared folder able to invisible via FTP.
6. [Bug Fix]"Blocking unauthorized login of nobody, root and etc special users".
7. [Change]Block Raid Migration from DNS-323 (causing corrupted data).
8. [New Feature] Support WebDAV.
9. [New Feature] WebDAV support Open Mode.
10. [Bug Fix] System time will be +1 hour after restart.
11. [Bug Fix] If you apply a Samba share to FTP service,  you are no way to disable it individually besides deleting the whole share from "Network Share".
12. [Bug Fix] Print server does not work when custom shares are configured
13. [Bug Fix] Workgroup Name is to restrictive and does not allow legitimate characters
14. [Bug fix] Fan non-stopping issue.
15. [Bug fix] Cannot copy files bigger than 200MB to USB drive.
16. [Bug Fix]External Drive with NTFS partiton support Read/Write.
17. [New Feature] Time Machine fails to work on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion issue.
18. [New Feature] Support Samsung D2 version Nand Flash.
19. [Bug Fix] System Time drift issue.
20. [Bug Fix] FTP backup issue with 722/726.
21. [Bug Fix] Support IE9.
22. [Bug Fix] Solve Language Pack missing translation issue
23. [Bug Fix] FTP/HTTP Downloads and Local Backups pages are not displayed correctly in IE8
24. [Bug Fix] Scan Disk: There is no volume selectable after create 2 standalone volumes