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Title: DIR 451 Unstable.
Post by: mjklb5ccg on September 07, 2009, 05:15:30 PM
I have had my DIR451 for 2 years and have been generally pleased with the functionality of the device.  I have alway had a problem with the device dropping the internet connection and having to power cycle it to regain internet access.  I am using a Sierra 860 aircard.  I usually have 2 to 3 bars out of 6 on the aircard not plugged into the router.  When plugged into the router I have a similar ratio on the status screen.  I upgraded to beta code 1.03 and the issue seemed to clear some but still occurs.  I did see in one of the other post that there is a 1.21 code that is talked about.  Can someone tell me if this is a DLINK code and where it is available as the latest code posted is the 1.03.  Thanks
Title: Re: DIR 451 Unstable.
Post by: mbutler2575 on January 08, 2010, 04:59:03 PM
Hi mjklb5ccg
If you haven't already, go to the dlink website www.dlink.com and select your country and support then select dir-451 where you should see the latest firmware listed.
As far as the dropping of the internet is concerned it may not be the routers fault. There are many reasons why wireless 3G internet isn't as reliable as a wired connection (cable, adsl, etc). This may include interference, signal drop out, sun spots, cell congestion, etc. I believe this may be caused by the modem locking up when the signal gets low or the cell tries to "hand over" the modem to a different cell.
I spoke to one of the carriers technical people and they advised me that the 3G modems are not designed to be connected 24/7 and therefore need to be cycled evey so often. The solution I use is to place a timer on the modem power supply which switches it off and on every 4 hours which improved the reliability.

Title: Re: DIR 451 Unstable.
Post by: lan333 on February 02, 2010, 01:33:01 AM
I've also had the problems with disconnecting for no apparent reason (tho good signal strength), hanging every 3-6 hours and so on. Naive as I am I imagined that D-Link would eventually come up with some new firmware to address these problems. I e-mailed support to ask if they would release new updates but received no reply.

Well, after struggling with this POS for quite some time I got fed up and bought the Dovado UMR instead. I've had it online for months with perfect connection. It was cheaper than the sorry-excuse-D-Link too. And they email me every two months or so with new firmware updates. As soon as there's a new 3g-modem on the market they immediately create new drivers for it. So, no, you don't have to reboot your router everyday just because you're using a 3g-connection - that's only necessary with D-link products.

Since the main selling point of being a 3G-router turned out to be a fad, it's now useless. It can't even be configured as a simple wireless bridge to use with my XBOX, so now it just sits there.