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WiFi Issues since FW1.11

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Anyone else having many devices look connected, have a proper IP address and not get communication from the router since FW1.11? Is there a roll back process since the FW upgrade happened automatically (something I normally like for security reasons, but there aren't even any release notes associated with this FW version).


* What region are you located?
Have you tried a factory reset and setup from scratch to see if this clears anything?

No I havent tried that yet. If I reboot it works like normal for about an hour or 2, then starts not communicating (or showing them connected from the admin screen) on some devices.

When you say setup from scratch, can I load a backup so I don't have to recreate all my rules and reservations?

Lets try a reset then set from scratch. I would not load the backup file immediately. Please try the router after the setup from scratch with the basic setup configuration first. Lets see if the problem continues or not, if not, then load the backup config from file.

RE: Rollback

Assuming the vendor hasn't blocked rollback, I typically follow this process when rolling back to the previous F/W:

1. Export current configuration/profile
2. Upgrade to latest firmware
3. Verify functionality

... rollback

4. Factory reset device, disconnect from LAN/WAN
5. Connect directly to FIRST/LAST port on device
6. Upload previous firmware
7. Factory reset device
8. Upload backed-up configuration
9. Connect to WAN, verify functionality
10. Connect to LAN, restart LAN devices



Although not explicitly stated as required by the vendor, I typically power-off/on a device once I have logged into the device post-firmware update.  As part of the firmware update activity, I also note the WAN connection information and review it post firmware update and post power up.

For example, I just updated to F/W 1.11.  I had noted my ISP connection information (IP, DNS, Gateway, etc) pre-firmware and noticed and *significant* change post-firmware.  After powering off/on the device, the ISP connection information returned to what it was pre-firmware.  The point I'm making here is that sometimes, the equipment actually *does* need to be powered off/on ... not just power cycled.


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