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Author Topic: Reboot IP Camera via Siri (Apple HomeKit & Homebridge & bash script)  (Read 8540 times)


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Sometimes the video transmission stops, even though the camera is on and can still be managed through the web interface. In such situations, only a restart helps. Since I have the camera in Apple HomeKit integrated via Homebridge, I do the restart using Siri with the following command as a switch:

Code: [Select]
curl http://USERNAME:PASSWORD@CAM-IP-ADDRESS/vb.htm?setallreboot=1
The Homebridge instructions can be found here:

Code: [Select]
            "platform": "cmdSwitch2",
            "name": "CMD",
            "switches": [
                    "name": "Reboot_DCS-2330L",
                    "on_cmd": "curl http://USERNAME:PASSWORD@CAM-IP-ADDRESS/vb.htm?setallreboot=1",
                    "off_cmd": "exit 1",
                    "state_cmd": "exit 1",
                    "polling": true,
                    "intervall": 1

Type   DCS-2330L
Firmware Version   1.14.03
Hardware Version   A

I have used Fiddler to find the right URL.
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