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Author Topic: Help needed on DCS-2230 setup (motion,ftp)  (Read 4688 times)


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Help needed on DCS-2230 setup (motion,ftp)
« on: August 11, 2012, 05:37:36 PM »

    In another post "DCS-2230 - incomplete package?", I accumulated my bumps-in-the-road trying to get the 2230 working. I'm afraid that the old thread's title is now shopworn.
    Help needed on DCS-2230 setup (motion,ftp) !!    Anyone?

 In the Setup / Event Setup menus, I requested a Test email and got a "Test Error" message; yet, received the email!
    But for ftp, got "Test Error", and the camera meant it!
    Can someone confirm whether the proper settings for ftp are
        Server address = domain.tld, Remote folder name = myfolder
    whereas for the DCS-930/932L,
        Host name = domain.tld, Path = domain.tld/myfolder
    I can't seem to get the right combination for the 2230. And it doesn't seem to accept "/" so no multilevel folders? And what about the half-hour folder structure of the 930/932 - I don't see that anywhere in the 2230 menus, which would be a real killer because of our foggy mornings (hundreds of "motion" events!
    AND using the Setup Wizard for Motion Detection by ftp, I am told "Error: IP Address Is Unlicensed." What on earth does that mean? I've been otherwise ftp'ing to my server for years.
    Oh, and I can not seem to select any area to be subject to motion detection. Tried Safari, Firefox, Chrome ...