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Author Topic: DCS-930L - Cumulative Firmware Release Notes  (Read 29484 times)


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DCS-930L - Cumulative Firmware Release Notes
« on: November 28, 2011, 02:22:20 PM »

DCS-930L Cumulative Firmware Release Notes

Firmware: 1.12b03 - Date: 2/6/2015

  • [New Feature] New mydlink agent 2.0.18-b66
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed issue where device would not respond properly to portal commands under relay mode

Firmware: 1.11b01 - Date: 04/22/2014

  • [Bug Fix] The event notification function has been restored

Firmware: 1.10b02 - Date: 01/22/2014 [Security Update]

  • [New Feature] When camera does not have feature, upgrade to a f/w with SSL certificate, it will automatically create a self signed cert (regenerated)
  • [New Feature] When camera upgrades with a f/w with cert. (f/w with SSL certificate automatically self signed), the SSL certificate wll automatically create a new self-signed cert (regenerate)
  • [New Feature] When camera is factory reset, the camera will automatically create a new self-signed SSL certificate
  • [New Feature] New mydlink agent 2.0.17-b55
  • [New Feature] Change the default FTP to passive mode
  • [New Feature] Change WPS LED on 10 seconds after WPS succeed
  • [New Feature] Change LANDAP protocol’s password length to 0-32 characters
  • [New Feature] Change copyright from [2012-2013] to [2012-2014]
  • [New Feature] Change camera default time from [2013-01-01] to [2014-01-01]
  • [New Feature] Support Win 8.1 + IE 11
  • [New Feature] Support Java 7 Update 51
  • [New Feature] SSL Certificate will be automatically self signed (regenerated) during initial configuration/factory reset

Firmware: 1.09b02 - Date: 12/26/2013

  • [New Feature] Add schedule feature for motion detection function
  • [New Feature] Add user can configure interval setting for motion detection of mail/ftp
  • [New Feature] NTP source port change to port 123
  • [New Feature] Add user can configure interval setting for motion detection of mail/ftp
  • [New Feature] User account name is limit as: 0-9, a-z, A-Z, “.”, “-“, “_”
  • [New Feature] Update Mydlink agent to v2.0.17-b31
  • [New Feature] Limit “Auto” FTP image frequency not over 5 frames/second
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed ip task will be restarted issue on DHCP renew time
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed E-mail/FTP cannot be started issue if motion detection is enabled first
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed UpnP issue with DIR-826L router
  • [Bug Fix] The max length of Admin password change to 32 characters

Firmware: 1.08b04 - Date: 02/19/2013

  • [New Feature] Change maximum admin password length, from 8 characters to 30 characters
  • [New Feature] Change PPPoE retry timing, retry connection on 30 seconds interval till connect
  • [New Feature] New ActiveX to support long admin password
  • [New Feature] Default time change to 2013-01-01
  • [New Feature] Change IR LED Night to Day switch timing to 7 seconds

Firmware: 1.07b05 - Date: 01/23/2013

  • [New Feature] Add mydlink agent version displayed on Web UI
  • [New Feature] Update Java program to support new mjpeg streaming format
  • [New Feature] Change NTP request timing
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed ios6 live view hang issue – modify mjpeg streaming format
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed sometimes startup java view failed on Win 7 + IE9
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed live view issue if http port is changed to 12345
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed live view streaming cannot pass through router’s virtual server
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed e-mail loss issue when live view the camera

Firmware: 1.06b05 - Date: 08/15/2012

  • [New Feature] Upgrade new mydlink agent to v2.0.16-b4
  • [New Feature] Secure the configuration file with the new changed encryption method
  • [New Feature] Remove two WebGUI Hidden Pages for RD develop using
  • [New Feature] Remove the Telnet Daemon will be activated about 5 seconds when the Device is booting
  • [New Feature] Remove the hidden FTP server
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed the live stream can’t display when using the https connection
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed bad audio streaming on 3G internet access

Firmware: 1.05b08 - Date: 05/16/2012

  • [New Feature] Support Daylight Saving function
  • [New Feature] Support Korea language
  • [New Feature] Support Digest Authentication
  • [New Feature] Change new Web server
  • [New Feature] Support language selection under live view page
  • [New Feature] Some Web UI English text wording change
  • [New Feature] Upgrade new mydlink agent to v2.0.15-b9

Firmware: 1.04b03 - Date: 10/14/2011

  • Upgrade mydlink agent to 2.0.09-201110141349

Firmware: 1.03b03 - Date: 05/31/2010

  • [New Feature] Support Mac Bonjour Discover Service – Provide the Bonjour On/Off Setting and Bonjour Name Setting
  • [New Feature] Support APIPA (Automatic Private IP Addressing) used in Bonjour Discover Service when the camera can’t use DHCP to obtain an IP address
  • [New Feature] Upgrade bootcode to version v1.11 (2011-5-31)
  • [New Feature] Upgrade mydlink agent to 2.0.05-201104261737
  • [Bug Fix] Under wireless is disabled, wireless will be enabled after wireless site survey
  • [Bug Fix] Change video resolution may cause system hang if someone is live viewing
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed download firmware crash issue – this occur when FTP upload is enabled and have a bad FTP server address setting
  • [Bug Fix] Add “GoAhead WebServer logo” logo on the bottom-right of the home page
  • [Bug Fix] Add some functions for production test
  • [Bug Fix] Change copyright year to 2010-2011
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed some web pages wording error
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed the Activate List only displays one user information if you disable [User Access Control] first and there are multiple user accounts to access the camera live video. (DBG10110213)

Firmware: 1.02b03 - Date: 12/20/2010

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed email to Facebook compatibility problem
  • [Bug Fix] New ActiveX v2.3.2.22 (2010-12-14) -> Fixed ActiveX zoom not locate at central area
  • [Bug Fix] Improve production test issue
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed Web UI wording error

Firmware: 1.02b02 - Date: 11/30/2010

  • [Bug Fix] New ActiveX v2.3.2.21 (2010-11-30) -> Fixed Browser screen enlarge issue
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed som Web UI wording error

Firmware: 1.02b01 - Date: 11/19/2010

  • [Bug Fix] Web UI support new language – German, French, Italian, Spanish
  • [Bug Fix] Update new ActiveX module ( with new digital signature
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed some Web UI wording error
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed firmware upgrade may crash issue – user plug in/out LAN cable when system is upgrading firmware
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed OSD time display problem – 00:xx:xx AM/PM fixed to 12:xx:xx AM/PM
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed CGI interface (audiocfg.cgi) reply incorrect message problem
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed Web UI display active user with incorrect user name
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed Java module cannot reconnect audio session if audio session disconnected
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed Web UI reply empty error message on save wireless page

Firmware: 1.01b04 - Date: 10/28/2011

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed fast resolution change and language setting for production test
  • [Bug Fix] Limit input characters of camera name to printable ascii characters (but space, “, ‘, &, <, and > are not allowed special characters)
  • [Bug Fix] 3. Fixed some Web UI wording error

Firmware: 1.01b03 - Date: 10/22/2010

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed https Web UI (Firmware Upgrade and Restore Configuration File) not work issue
  • [Bug Fix] Change NTP time sync from 10 minutes to 24 hours
  • [Bug Fix] Change Restore Configuration File response message and add count down timer to reconnect
  • [Bug Fix] Support 3 language – English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)

Firmware: 1.01b02 - Date: 10/08/2010\

  • [Bug Fix] Removed Location item on email content

Firmware: 1.01b01 - Date: 9/30/2010

  • [Bug Fix] mydlink agent will be run twice under DHCP mode (no DHCP server case) or PPPoE mode
  • [Bug Fix] Update a new Java applet for – disable audio on Web motion detection page and free memory efficiently
  • [Bug Fix] FTP (motion detection mode) upload sometimes stop abnormally
  • [Bug Fix] Grey live view audio button when audio setup is disabled
  • [Bug Fix] Change Reset and Factory Reset response message and add count down timer to reconnect
  • [Bug Fix] New boot code version v1.03 (2010-09-01)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed Java VM quit issue when camera is located inside of NAT router (map port to 443) and is connected from outside by https
  • [Bug Fix] Change LAN LED flash – flash LED only when someone live view camera

Firmware: 1.00b10 - Date: 08/04/2010

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed motion detection block area settings incorrect issue
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed WEP key input checking issue on Safari

Firmware: 1.00b09 - Date: 08/02/2010

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed live view CGI packet error – miss <CRLF> on Date field
  • [Bug Fix] Modify ActiveX timing of receiving data

Firmware: 1.00b08 - Date: 07/28/2010

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed FTP/E-mail performance issue for motion detection image
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed FTP motion detection mode, sometimes FTP abnormally stop issue
  • [Bug Fix] Change FTP/E-mail motion detection mode, image frequency will be fixed as auto (as fast as possible), and image frequency setting field will be greyed
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed Java live view issue (cannot display image) on very old hardware version of Mac PC
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed ActiveX exit issue (will hang 5 – 10 seconds) if audio is OFF or Disable

Firmware: 1.00b07 - Date: 07/22/2010

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed ActiveX issue (Windows sound driver disable case)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed port forwarding socket error
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed motion detection issue – fast motion frame ftp/e-mail
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed ActiveX issue (pc1: ActiveX, pc2: change video config will cause pc1 IE hang)
  • [Bug Fix] Change to not sync PC time on Web UI login time
  • [Bug Fix] Change live view date/time display format -- MM-DD-YYYY HH:MM:SS AM/PM
  • [Bug Fix] Remove old password input on modify user table entry
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