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Title: DIR-665 can't get IP address from Modem -SOLVED!!!
Post by: gminaya on March 20, 2011, 12:28:39 PM
It has been working fine for many years.
Today the internet went down on the cable side.
Once Time Warner reset my modem, I was able to connect my computer directly to the modem and all works fine.
However when I connect my router to the modem, it can't get an IP address
I'm able to connect wirelessly to my router from my computer.
Looks like the router is working perfectly except it can't get an IP
I've been scouring the forms for info and have tried everything I've found but nothing has worked...

Anyone super genius out there that can help me get back to doing the real chores I need to do today?



Here is what worked!!!

You haven't registered the Router with the Modem. The Modem is only recognizing the Computer and that's why you don't have Internet. You need to remove Power from the Modem and disconnect its Co-Axial Connection.

In other words, remove the Computer from the Modem's Memory, by removing power from the Modem and disconnect the Outside Line from the Modem. Reapply power after a minute. Once power is restored, reconnect the Co-Axial Cable, the Outside Line.