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Author Topic: DPH-50U connects and dumps telephone calls to Skype  (Read 5866 times)


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DPH-50U connects and dumps telephone calls to Skype
« on: September 07, 2009, 04:55:18 PM »


I want to SkypeX to Skype and have Skype pass the call out to ATT lines for a call out.  That works.

I can SkypeX to Skype, it answers and passes the call off to the DPH-50U which requires a password or PIN, and then I can call out to the entire US, Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii with my ATT flat rate long distance enabled wired telephone.  No time limit, no connection fee, no minutes, no begging--it just works.


I want to pick up my telephone handset and select Skype and dial up a Skype user as in Skype to SkypeX with no telephone involved.  No connection fees, no time limit, no minutes.

That works with the DPH-50U and Skype Speeddial Tool 0.1 setting and maintaining the speed dial  numbers that Skype conveniently left out of their 4xxxx release.


I want to pick up my cellphone, call my DPH-50U telephone, enter my password or PIN, enter a speed dial number and a speed dial number and call Skype to SkypeX--JUST LIKE MY HANDSET DOES ON THE SAME EQUIPMENT.  Skype connects and drops the call immediately.

When I found out that there were updates and other vendor software for the DPH-50U I downloaded two revision upgrades from D-Link and two other drivers from two other vendors.  Funny how they ALL have the same GUI which manages to take all outside <> inside calls and sends them to an answering machine.  The useful connectivity has been eliminated--across the board!

Even the D-Link software does this.  Without mentioning how I feel about bullying the customer into a forced minute charge and a per each connection fee, and that I suspect D-Link was forced into this conspiracy, I continue to search for the correctly enabled software.

Here's a graphic..

    SkypeX ---> Skype : DPH-50U ---> ATT phone lines    <<< OK >>>

    Local  handset ---> DPH-50U: Skype ---> SkypeX       <<< OK >>>

    ATT phone call ---> DPH-50U: Skype ---> SkypeX       <<< This does NOT work >>>

Does anybody know what software does what v1.0 almost does and won't block incoming calls?

This is the only one that has the right stuff that almost works..


These all have the SAME CRIPPLED GUI(with minor color and look changes) and do NOT work..


Who has the RIGHT drivers?




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Re: DPH-50U connects and dumps telephone calls to Skype
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2009, 01:54:40 AM »

OK.  So now I have to eat a little crow.

It turns out that this driver..


downloaded from here..


actually works for what I wanted.  The secret is to set it for answering machine both in and out, and when the outgoing message is running, you press  *.

I found this in one of my frantic searches for anything helpful.  My driver download did not include a manual.  When it ran with the same GUI as v1.0, and when it went to an answering machine, I never thought of hitting a *.

I don't want to bang my head against the wall looking for the manual again, so here is my copy..


A manual makes this a lot easier.

Here is the program that sets and maintains speed dial numbers for Skype IDs..


You'll find two ways to do that in the above URL as well as where the original is--read the txt file.  I had to move the manual here because this BBS thinks there is foul language in the path where it originally was.  Navigate up to a higher level and look around, if you want.

My land line phone is provided by AT&T, hence the reference "ATT".

The real chair jerker is the AU600 software.  A voice walks you through the whole pattern--what to type and when.  After following the prompting, this software connects your incoming Skype to ATT call right on the ATT dialtone.  This requires a pretty good Skype to Skype connection to get your DTMF tones right.  The v1.0 from D-Link buffers your DTMF numbers and regenerates them for ATT after the final *.  ATT has a tighter tolerance than that produced by Skype during high Internet traffic.

When I called in with my cell phone, I broke the outgoing message with a *, entered my pin when asked, and dialed my speed dial associated with the Skype ID that I wanted.   That now works better than calling out from Skype to ATT.  It's tricky to remember just what it is that you wanted to do, especially when told to dial a phone number (speed dial number associated with a Skype ID, really).

Again, with the above software it works.  I didn't try any of the others.  I will later to see if there is any improvement in DTMF tones.  The AGC (auto gain control) on both the sending Skype and the gateway Skype pumps the volume of the tones and the gateway gets stupid.

But, it works.  It really does.

Be sure to have..

    VoIP Virtual Audio Device

set for both in and out on the gateway Skype.  The device for D-Link emulation won't work right.

I've been a programmer for years, and this bugger is not an easy concept to get working.  Too many unmentioned properties, missing manuals, and general rubber-ducky behavior will give anybody fits without the proper guidance or experience.  It's probably a help desk nightmare.

If this gets you going, well, then, I guess that's good.



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Re: DPH-50U connects and dumps telephone calls to Skype
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2009, 10:22:30 AM »

desert rat, thanks for sharing details of your experience! I saved your posts - just in case :)