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Title: DCS-2630L vs DCS-960L -> like comparing a pea to an emerald !
Post by: StaffanC on January 08, 2021, 10:08:53 AM
Dear Folks,

I'm sitting in a chilly Sweden scratching my thin 63 year old hair in despair. I was foolish enough to buy two refurbished DCS-2630L on Ebay. Stupid idea it was. Why?, well they wont deliver what the specification promise nor do they allow me to configure them. I have been using DCS-960L for many years now without ever having a problem. I can use MyDlink lite to perform live views, or simply connect from my laptop/workstation using Internet Explorer, Firefox or why not Chrome. Regardless of path chosen, that camera will allow my just about anything I prefer to do. I guess 960L has become my standard reference when it comes to comparing IP cameras ov various brands and make.

What happened when the engineers of D-Link released the 2630L-model?  How is it possible to sell something that you cant even get up and running? It's no problem connecting the 2360L to my LAN. It can be done manually ( no mydlink Lite involved ) or simply by following the installation procedure as presented in the manual scanning the QR-code from within the mydlink Lite app. But that is as far as the usage goes. I can see the camera in my router WiFi node list. I can connect to the camera (log in to the user interface ) using a web browser, but I cannot configure the camera because the response time is horrendous. Most of the time it just dies after a menu click. It allows you to log in and a few menu clicks then it gives up.

I have tried to configure the camera from mydlink.com with the same depressing result. No live viwe and no chanse of configuration.

Trying to use the mydlink app on my Samsung Galaxy 7 results in the same disappointing way. No live view ( connection dies )  and no configuration possible. Well I managed once to get a few minutes of live view but starting to set up motion control connection died. ( camera is 2 - 3 meters away from the WiFi router).

Camera has the latest firmware. My workstation use Windows 7 Pro.  I have tried IE v 10, Firefox. But the nearest to success I get is when I use Chrome. Then I'm allowed to move about inside the camera's menu system but since there is no working live view inside Chrome it's not much I can do. I have tried at least 10 different approaches resetting to factory defaults every time. But, no matter how I approch this it just won't work. 

Question:   Is it at all possible to have the DCS-2630L in operational mode or should I just throw away the two cameras and scrapp them as junk?

In conclusion:  I've neen around in the computer world ever since the first PC saw daylight. I've been a computor system administrator, I've built computor LANs inclusive of the wiring, I've built my own workstations assembling them part by part.... Oh yes, I've seen many a blue screen in my days but there was always a way forward. A÷lways a way around any problem. Until I encountered the DCS-2360L camera from D-link.

Why can't I get my DCS-2360L to behave the way it is supposed to :)

I could really need some useful pieces of advice from you guys! 

Kind regards,

Staffan Carlsson

Title: Re: DCS-2630L vs DCS-960L -> like comparing a pea to an emerald !
Post by: RYAT3 on January 08, 2021, 06:02:36 PM
I have one  2630L and two 960L here in the states. 

I use Asus routers.

I would be concerned about your router model, which is ...?

Which wifi band are you using? 2.4Ghz? 5Ghz? 

Title: Re: DCS-2630L vs DCS-960L -> like comparing a pea to an emerald !
Post by: StaffanC on January 09, 2021, 01:53:26 AM
Dear Ryat3,

many thansk for taking time to answer my request for help. I appreciate that very much.

I'm also an Asus fan and I use the RT-AC51U model in my home in Sweden. Abroad ( Turkey and Thailand), I use the RT-AC52U  and RT-AC68U. No problems at all with my abroad cameras ( DCS-2330L and  DCS-960L ).

I connect my DCS-2630L on the 2.4 Ghz.



Title: Re: DCS-2630L vs DCS-960L -> like comparing a pea to an emerald !
Post by: RYAT3 on January 09, 2021, 08:54:58 AM
I have a RT-N65U, looks exacty like your 62U.

It seriously took a dump over a year ago. WiFi went to garbage.  I turned it off and moved everything to an 86U. 
I managed to keep the 65U running with 1 camera, a DCS-2132L hardwired with with FTP to the USB drive attached.  It was BARELY working - I had major issues accessing the DCS-2132L, pages wouldn't load, had to keep refreshing to get it to load in, updating FTP parameters was difficult.  I really thought it was my camera giving me troubles.

I finally moved my FTP setup with DCS-2132L to the 86U.  Hey everything works great!  No page load problems, camera doesn't need reboot every 3 days.

You should probably try to move the 2630L closer to the router to see if that helps.
Try switching to 5GHZ.   
Consider a newer router over 51U or 52U. 

Title: Re: DCS-2630L vs DCS-960L -> like comparing a pea to an emerald !
Post by: StaffanC on January 10, 2021, 04:08:24 AM

Thanks mate!