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Title: DCS-4701E-VB1 RevB firmware 2.02.00 Released
Post by: GreenBay42 on December 02, 2019, 12:25:57 PM
Firmware 2.02.00 has been released for the DCS-4701E (revision Bx).

Download Firmware -- ftp://FTP2.DLINK.COM/PRODUCTS/DCS-4701E/VB1/DCS-4701E_VB1_FIRMWARE_v2.02.00.zip (ftp://FTP2.DLINK.COM/PRODUCTS/DCS-4701E/VB1/DCS-4701E_VB1_FIRMWARE_v2.02.00.zip)

Release Notes:

New Features:
1.Removed www.dlinkddns.com option in DDNS settings of IP camera GUI
2.Removed anonymous option in FTP server page of IP camera GUI
3.Supports TLS V1.2 and removed TLS V1.0 and V1.1.

Issues Fixed:
1. Fix D-Track bug HQ20190918000006 – fixing DCS-4701E is not able to work with Milestone SW by using ONVIF protocol.
2. Fix D-Track bug HQ20191003000006 – fixing “Stream Authentication” cannot enable issue
3. Fix bug DBG19060330 - After disable IPv6 function but it still allowing to launch IP camera GUI via IPv6 address.
4. Fix D-Track bug HQ20181213000009 – incorrect information in Help.
5. Fix D-Track bug HQ20190912000001 – it cannot allow user to save setting when setting ftp server.
6. Fix bug DBG19070079 – add DCS-4701E will pop-up wrong message in D-ViewCam DCS-100.
7. Fix bug DBG19070069 – it cannot show correct model number in D-ViewCam DCS-100 via ONVIF WS-Discovery.
8. Fix bug DBG19060355 – clear log fail.
9. Fix bug DBG19060357 – the tip message 30 characters are not as same as the maximum password length 30 characters.