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Title: DWA 652 and DIR 655 - only G with DWA 652 - solution
Post by: dmeyerrph on March 07, 2009, 09:56:02 AM
I just added a DWA 652 to my Toshiba laptop - used the latest drivers and could not get above 54 for speed.  I had to have the router at mixed g/n because the DWA 652 would not connect at n only.
All my other computers have n only adapters or are new MacBook Pros.

I then used the Atheros v7.6.1.221 drivers for the 652

Still just 54 for speed.

I then installed the 1.22b05 firmware for the DIR 655 and presto - 300 speed.
So I have set the DIR 655 to n only, WPA2 encryption 20/40mhz.
Life is good.