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Title: DWA-652 periodic connection lost
Post by: Frioniel0801 on October 30, 2008, 04:53:41 AM
Hardware Version: A2

Firmware Version: 1.10 (I have upgraded to the lastest atheros driver)

I have noticed a slight latency with the use of DWA-652 as oppose to my internal wireless card. This, I am assuming, is due to the fact that the NIC has to pass through extra levels as oppose to the directly connected wireless card. I am correct ? If not, please assist me with any possible suggestions to decrease the latency (as in: browsing the web, the pages took a longer to show up but other than that all is well.)

Lastly, I have been experiencing random drop out in connection where the internest is still active but the internet would not reach my computer. Apparently the card freezes/lock up for a bit then return to normal. Any suggestions ? Thank you.