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Title: My router hive me half download speed
Post by: vianluigi on February 18, 2022, 05:37:29 PM
Hello everyone

I would like you to help me understand my problem a little. I have a DIR 619L HW:B3 FW 2.05SG  router, some time ago they helped me to perform a software update.but now I have a problem with the speed of the connection, I have an ADSL internet service of about 4MB (yes, it's not much)
If I connect the PC directly to the adsl modem I have a stable speed of about 3-4MB but if I connect the dlink router my download speed drops from 1MB to 512KB in the wired network and in the wifi of about 512kb

I have tried activating and deactivating options such as SPI ,no luck

ANy idea