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Author Topic: PFSENSE VLAN -> DGS-1224T -> DGS-1224T  (Read 6353 times)


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PFSENSE VLAN -> DGS-1224T -> DGS-1224T
« on: May 01, 2019, 07:02:59 PM »

hey all, I'm searching forum, and google, and testing for 2 days already and I'm stuck so here I am complaining here..

I have

Internet -> PFSENSE -> ETH1 + ETH2
ETH1 is going to "irrelevant" network (separate private network of access points, I don't want my wifi and my cable to be in any way linked)
ETH2 is going to my LAN

Now I need the LAN to be split a bit so I created in pfSense new interface that's "VLAN 2 on ETH0 - LAN", that is VLAN tag = 2, this interface has it's own dhcpd server (just like lan and wifi interfaces have)

so from what I understand now on ETH2 I should have my norman LAN traffic that's untagged and I should have this new network traffic that's tagged with vlan=2 on the same interface.

This now goes into DGS-1224T(a) port 1
DGS-1224T(a) port 15 is connected to second switch DGS-1224T(b) port 1

at the moment, I have on all ports working LAN network (any device connected gets answer from lan dhcpd and gets ip)
at the moment, on no ports I see the new "vlanTest" network (on no port I get answer from vlanTest dhcpd, all ip's are from lan one)

I tried everything I can think of with no luck :( ... When I turn on the "Asymmetric VLAN" and configure PVID on some ports I can split the switch itself into "multiple virtual switches" but I'm not able to get the switch to understand the tag from pfSense and I'm not able to "link" those virtual switches on this two switches using only one cable. I tried setting trunk but no luck.

I do kinda understand everything, but I don't, as if I understood it perfectly I would not be writing here :D so .. on each of the two switches I need to setup

1. asymmetric on/off ?
2. if asymmetric is on then PVID on all ports
3. VID list - is this VID same as the TAG from pfSense? what's VID01? that is all or that is traffic tagged with 1 ? I'm sending from pfsense untagged for LAN and tagged 2 for this new network, do I create just new VID = 02 ?
4. Trunk - here I don't understand the table at all, is the trunk ID important for anything? I assume trunk name is just irrelevant text but what is the difference if I in trunk ID=1 select port 1 and in trunk id=2 select port 15 on DGS-1224T(a) or if on same switch I set on ID=1 both ports 1 and 15 ?

If anyone can gimme example how to set it up so I get

DGS-1224T(a) port 1 is pfSense
DGS-1224T(a) port 15 is DGS-1224T(b)
DGS-1224T(a) ports 1-14 are LAN (untagged from pfSense) and ports 16-24 are this new network tagged 2
DGS-1224T(b) port 1 is DGS-1224T(a)
DGS-1224T(b) ports 2-15 are LAN and ports 16-20 are this new tagged 2 traffic
DGS-1224T(b) ports 21-24 are AP's that serve both LAN and tagged 2 traffic



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Re: PFSENSE VLAN -> DGS-1224T -> DGS-1224T
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2019, 10:04:28 AM »

Did you have any luck with this?

I'm using PF sense aswell and a Dlink DGS1210 52 port.

In PFSense I setup the VLANS and tagged to 20

When I log into the switch and I setup the Vlan Tag to 20 then try to link it to port 46. (VID20) to port 46 then set port 46 to "tagged" Untagged will not accept my click ,

As soon as I apply I lose management to the switch, and I need to reset it with a pin to get back to factory settings.

Have you made progress on this?  I'm using similar equipment.

All I want to do Is have port 46 on my switch on a different sub-net    1921.168.3.*** not 192.168.1.***

In PF sense I also setup VID20 and setup a DHCP server for this on the 192.168.3.*** network.



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Re: PFSENSE VLAN -> DGS-1224T -> DGS-1224T
« Reply #2 on: May 28, 2019, 12:18:18 PM »

Did you have any luck with this?

no progress :( I'm on the lookout for cisco switch since dlink's are poorly supported and I can't do nothing with them