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Author Topic: DNS-323 - RAID-1 is NOT a Backup  (Read 19875 times)


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DNS-323 - RAID-1 is NOT a Backup
« on: February 06, 2013, 09:07:34 AM »

Contrary to popular belief, RAID-1 is not an acceptable backup strategy for storing data

Why RAID-1 is NOT a Backup

  • A virus infecting one volume will infect the mirror in real time [Risk: 100% data loss]
  • Files accidentally deleted from one volume are deleted from the mirror in real time [Risk: 100% loss of deleted data]
  • A RAID-1 array may become corrupted (as may any data storage) [Risk: 100% data loss]
  • A RAID-1 array may be accidentally formatted [may result in a 100% data loss]
  • The ShareCenter containing the RAID may be physically damaged [Risk: 100% data loss]

Separate Physical Backup

  • If a virus infects the primary storage, the backup volume is safe [0% data loss]*
  • Files accidentally deleted from the primary storage are not immediately deleted from the backup [0% data loss]*
  • If the primary storage becomes corrupted, the backup is safe [0% data loss]
  • If the primary storage is accidentally formatted, the backup is safe [0% data loss]
  • If the primary storage device is physically damaged, the backup is safe [0% data loss]

* Note: If a scheduled backup completes after an accidental data deletion or virus infection, it is possible that deletions/virus will propagate to the backup depending on how the backup software is configured and on whether the virus is detected prior performing the backup job.
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