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Title: Settings Keep Getting Reset/Forgotten
Post by: motorhed on July 29, 2014, 07:28:33 AM
I'm having a strange issue where the camera keeps resetting firmware settings back to factory settings and i'm not sure why as i'm rarely looking at it or logged into the web console.  The camera is setup on Synology Surveillance Station but other than that, i haven't reconfigured anything abnormal on the camera. 

The settings i've noticed that are getting lost almost weekly are:

1.) Live View Display Mode & related settings on the live view page (example - view keeps reverting to single view 360 degree)
2.) On Image Setup screen, continues to forget mount type. I'm using wall setting not ceiling but keeps resetting.
3.) Time & Date settings

Anyone have any ideas?  I'm about ready to throw this thing in the trash, it's infuriating  >:( that the firmware on this camera is not retaining the settings.