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Author Topic: 930l wizard doesn't find Internet connection.  (Read 2007 times)


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930l wizard doesn't find Internet connection.
« on: February 17, 2012, 06:14:33 PM »

Hi all, I find similar problems on forum, but here's mine.
I have 3 932ls and one 930l in a house in Massachusetts, all registered onto my dlink. All went fine.
I brought 3 more 932l and one 930l to a house in Mexico. I had problem w the 932l wizard. Then I noticed that I had brought 2 different wizard discs. They were different versions, the older one could not find a Internet connection, so I could go no further. I tried the newer version of the 932l wizard, it found my Internet connection, and did installation and registered all three 932ls to my current mydlink account. All fine so far. On my mydlink account I have the three Massachusetts 932s , the one Massachusetts 930, and the three Mexico 932s.
     I had forget to bring the 930L disc for the installation. Here is where the problem started. I downloaded the 930L wizard from the Dlink site, but I can't get past that first section where is says " checking active x, checking Internet, checking LAN " or something to that effect. It then says " can't find Internet connection, check your adapter, router, etc" or something to that effect. I can't go any further with that wizard.
     I was able to find the cam from my router and finally got that 930L interface, and did the manual as well as the automatic set-up. I can see the cam perfectly, by going to I can log in, reset my password, did everything. I can see cam wirelessly.
    The problem is that I CAN'T register it to my mydlink account, and hence can't see it on mydlink lite , etc.
     I can ONLY see the cam INTRANET - WISE.
     the 930L wizard that I downloaded is worthless. I have disabled firewall, did everything, tried an XP PC, as well as a windows 7 laptop.
       Is there any way to add the cam to my mydlink account ? I even tried the 932L wizard that DOES find my Internet connection, but it doesn't find my 930 at the part where I have to chase a cam to set up.
      If I can't add the 930L to my mydlink account, I would even be happy if I could access it from the 192.168.1. Address, but I dont know how to set that up so that I can do that from a different network than my own.
    I suppose that there must be a way to get to my modem, my router and then to that address, it's just that I am not savvy enuf to know how to do that

What should I do?

Thanks for the help