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Firmware: v1.04 B58   5/23/2012
Revision Info:   
1. New IPv6 features include IPv6 over PPPoE and IPv6 prefix delegation.
2. IPv6 web management enhancement.
3. Support DHCPv6 leased-clients pages.
4. User database management enhancement.
5. Support policy based user database.
6. Support policy based captive portal.
7. Support PPTP VPN client mode: DSR could be a VPN client connecting to
a PPTP server and share this PPTP tunnel with users behind DSR.
8. Add new Internet settings, WAN3 setting: WAN3 interface is designated to 3G
connections via USB dongles. (Available on DSR-1000/1000N only)
9. Support SMS (Short Message Service) features. This feature is available
when a USB 3G modem is connected to DSR router and 3G WAN interface is
not configured as dedicated WAN mode or load balancing mode. Also, please
make sure your service provider allow your SIM card to send/receive SMS
through 3G network. (Available on DSR-1000/1000N only)
10. Update CLI commands including VPN utilities CLI support.
11. Enable classical and NAT routing option in PPTP server configuration.
12. Support Firewall rules over VLAN.
13. IPSec VPN enhancement: allowing users selecting multiple integrity,
authentication and encryption method for phase1 & phase2 negotiations.
14. Support a check box to block all URLs for Web site filtering feature. If users
add some approved URLs, these URLs will be allowed.
15. Itís able to show logging message through CLI.

Get it here: DSR-500
Note: Link is for the DSR-500 however the FW file located here is one in the same and will work on the DSR-500N model.
Please review the upgrade PDF documentation before upgrading.

Firmware: v1.08 B77   11/12/13 World Wide Region
1. Support more external Authentication server types for Captive Portal/SSL
VPN/ IPSec user authentication. Available external authentication server
types: NT domain, RADIUS, LDAP, AD and POP3.
2. Support L2TP Client Mode: DSR can establish site-to-site L2TP tunnels to
another DSR.
3. Bandwidth Control enhancement: DSR can accept IP subnet for source IP
addresses when configuring bandwidth management profiles
4. Support GRE tunnels. Supported GRE tunnel numbers varies in different
models - DSR-1000 series: 20; DSR-500 series: 15 ; DSR-250 series: 10;
and DSR-150 series: 5.
5. Support Layer 2 Bridge Mode: DSR can bridge DMZ (WAN2) with LAN port 1
in the Layer 2 level together.
Note: Only DSR‐500 and DSR‐1000 series support Layer 2 bridge mode.
6. Expand maximal IP-MAC binding (DHCP IP reserved) restrictions. Maximal
numbers varies in different models - DSR-1000 series: 128; DSR-500 series:
96; DSR-250 series: 64; and DSR-150 series: 32.
7. Support CAPWAP pass-through: DSR can recognize CAPWAP tunnel packets
and allow them passing through LAN sides.
8. Support D-Link DWM-157 A1 USB 3G modem.
9. Increase IPSec pre-shared key length to 64 characters.
10. IGMP enhancement: allow IGMP packets traversing DSR without specifying
source IP addresses.
11. Reduce Boot-up spent time.
12. L2TP performance enhancement

Get it here:


Firmware: v1.09 Builds   04/14/2014 thru 10/14/2014 World Wide Region
1.09B61_WW 1. More 3G USB dongles support: add D-Link DWP-156 A1 and DWP-157 A1.
1.09B59_WW None
1. L2TP client mode enhancements: support MPPE and demand dialing.
2. User DB enhancements: support PPTP/L2TP tunnels external authentication though AD, LDAP and POP3.
3. Bridge mode enhancements: support QoS and firewall rules.
4. Spillover mode enhancements: both WAN1 and WAN2 will respond requests, e.g. ICMP, IPsec, etc., from Internet even when spillover threshold is not
5. PPTP VPN enhancements: allow PPTP severs to assign remote clients the same subnet as the local LAN.
6. Russia Dual Access enhancements: allow users to designate the outbound interface for IGMP control packets.
7. Web GUI enhancements: support auto parameters fill-out in the DHCP server configuration page.
8. CLI enhancements: support the ďspaceĒ character.
9. More 3G dongle supports: add D-Link DWM-156 A7, D-Link DWM-157 B1, and D-Link DWM-158 D1, HUAWEI E303.
10. A new click button to quickly download Dbglogs.
11. A new checkbox to enable/disable auto config backup.
12. A new checkbox to enable/disable config file encryption.
13. Support a Windows-based config viewer for encrypted config files.

Get it here:


Firmware: v2.02WW_Updated   08/05/2015 World Wide Region
New Features:
1. Brand New Web GUI design.
2. SSL VPN supports external authentication database.
3. Dynamic Web Content Filtering (subscription is required)
4. Support DHCP ranges for all subnets.
5. Support VLAN on WAN for single VLAN ID.
6. Allow using a particular IP or VLAN to access GUI.
7. Support more 3G USB dongles: add D-Link DWP-156 B1 and DWP-157 B1.
8. OpenVPN enhancement: LAN subnet is accepted to be configured as the
network of OpenVPN server.
9. External HDD compatibility enhancement: Support up to 2 TB HDD.

1. Fix Port forwarding (HTTPS/PPTP) issue. (DEUR20140626000004)
2. Two windows wireless clients canít ping to each other when the security
mode is configured as WPA/WPA2/WPA+WPA2
3. Help content enhancement: WAN IP address should not be configured as
primary/secondary DNS server IP address. (DLA20140619000005)
4. Will not accept to install the CA certificate without common name.
5. Fix WAN port speed issue with Cirrus CPE. (DI20140307000005)
6. Fix unable to import the blocked keywords and approved URL csv files
which are exported by DSR. (DRU20140709000004)
7. The PPTP client canít access to LAN PC when all traffic is bound to a specific
WAN port with protocol binding. (DEUR20140617000001)
8. Fix the issue that HTTP server can see the internal IP of DMZ instead of
external IP. (DEUR20140714000008)
9. Fix unable to configure DSR as OpenVPN server with firmware version
1.09. (DEUR20140729000007, DI20140804000004)
10. CLI issue: Does not accept valid CIDR subnet mask via CLI.
11. Fix unable to set the firewall rules with the same service but different
schedules. (DRU20140521000004)
12. Fix missing TOS bits issue when using VLAN and QoS in the WAN port.
13. Fix known issue: voice at LAN side client is not heard when the SIP Proxy
resides in LAN.
14. Wireless TCP receive side throughput performance with Veriwave is not
good (IxChariot & over-the-air is OK).
15. Fix PPTP pass through taking highest priority than PPTP firewall service.
16. Fix IPSEC pass through taking highest priority than IKE outbound firewall
17. Fix the issue opening LAN clients page takes too long time.
18. Fix known issue: Blank field for "data to supply to CA" when click view
button in Self certificates requests page.
19. Multicast traffic canít go smoothly on the wireless of DSR.
20. Fix known issue: device keeps sending log to syslog server after the
configuration of server IP address is removed.
21. Fix mismatch between configured and displayed transmit power.
22. Fix known issue: transparent mode doesnít work on WAN2.
23. Fix known issue: USB storage issue with Windows XP.
24. Add the description about 'Response to Ping' in the help page of PPTP and
L2TP servers.
25. Fix known issue: IPSec tunnel canít be established when the configuration
file which is exported from another device is imported.
26. Fix Unstable WLAN issue. (DEUR20120611000010,
DEUR20120718000007, DEUR20120905000005)
27. Fix firewall rule by schedule issue. (DRU20140521000004)

Get it here:
Select DSR and 500N

Select DSR and 500

Select the v2.02WW_Updated file.

Firmware: v2.11 B301 WW   4/7/2016 World Wide Region
DSR-500N Rev A1 Only!
New Features:
No Release Notes

No Release Notes.

Get it here: D-Link Germany
DSR 500N


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