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New Information FAQ Board

Please read before posting:

We have created a new Information FAQ Library containing current and historical support sticky information, and a limited number of posts on a locked board containing solutions to commonly experienced router and AP issues, news, resources, archives and tips. Please visit this new board using the link below:

* Information/FAQ Library
* All informational FAQ stickies from the DGL/DIR and DAP forums have be re-located here.Please search and review each section for any information or solutions to your questions or problems before posting. Use the search function to find what you maybe looking for. Search is your friend. †::)

Help contribute to our Information/FAQ library!

If you have a solution to a problem commonly experienced by many users for a specific router/AP model or all †product lines, please submit your solution using the link below and we will review your contribution for inclusion in the Information FAQ library board. Please review the existing posts on the thread below and FAQ Board to avoid submitting duplicate entries.

* Contribute to the Information FAQ Library!
Thank you for your support!  ;D

New D-Link FAQ Forum Section

D-Link launched a new global FAQ section for all product lines in this forum. Any FAQ boards/posts previously maintained in this forum section were moved to the new D-Link FAQ located here: D-Link FAQ

The new D-Link FAQ currently contains the following FAQ boards:

[*]mydlink Cloud FAQ
[*]Router FAQ
[*]Network Camera FAQ
[*]ShareCenter FAQ


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