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Title: Continuous recording to SD card
Post by: gubbins on October 09, 2019, 04:23:06 AM
I bought a DCS-8100LH today and it seems to be working.

I was hoping to enable continuous recording to the SD card as shown on videos like this one:

However I can't get this working. I tried to log in to the camera at its IP address, but so far have not been able to - I got a password prompt by going to https://<ip>/eng/, but can't seem to enter any login details that work. I tried "admin" with blank password, mydlink account password, "password", "admin" etc.

I also logged in to mydlink online. I can see my camera there, but the settings page only has a couple of basic things and none of the advanced stuff shown in the video.

Have I been an idiot here? Is this stuff just not supported?!