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Title: DNR Not recording
Post by: zeropuntouno on July 09, 2014, 07:06:27 AM
Hello, we have setup a DNR-326 with 2 3TB WD Hard Drives configured in jbod
There are attached 4 cameras (1 DCS-2132L and 3 DCS-6210)  and we can regularly watch them using the web Java applet, the Windows D-Link ViewCam and the android VieCam application.
On the camera status page all cameras are connected but all say "no recording" non Recording status.
On the Live Video page the Record button is greyed out (not enabled and not clickable).
On the recording schedule we have flagged "Record by Schedule", "Automatic Overwrite less then 10%", "store videos by schedule 7 days" and for every camera we have recording enable for every day from 00:00 to 24:00, Record Always and  Audio Enabled.
The "Manual Record" is Enabled.
We were running firmware version 2.01 and now we updated to the latest 2.10 firmware (DNR-326_fw_revA2_2-10B2_all_en_20140624) with no changes, we never had video recording.
The Disk Status says:
Total Hard Drive Capacity:    5764452 MB
Unused Space:    5764263 MB
Estimated Total Recording Time:    74day(s) and 16hour(s)
Estimated Remaining Recording Time:    74day(s) and 16hour(s)

What can we do to have the DNR record every camera 24 ours a day? ???

Thank You very much,