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Author Topic: Seeing movies with DSM 520 and Wireless Internet at the same time  (Read 3232 times)


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I will very thankful if you could help me to resolve this issue.

Currently I have two routers - one is connected to internet and located on second floor (I live on first floor) and the second router uses me for streaming movies from my computer to TV (at salon). I am using DLink DSM 520 Media Player.

Now, every time I want to see a movie I need to disconnect from my internet router and reconnect to the second one. I found it a little bit annoying and moreover I also disconnected from internet - can not receive emails and to see online content (but it will be my second problem

My question is - are there any solution that may allow me to stream the movies to Media Player and be connected at the same time ?

I tried to connect my Computer with a crossover cable to my Media router. The Player could even find it and display all the media files and folders - but for some reason could not open and play them... May be I need to reconfigure the media router.. ?

Also I thought to buy additional external WiFi. In this case one will be for internet and the second for Player. Will it work ?

Please help

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and your attention



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Re: Seeing movies with DSM 520 and Wireless Internet at the same time
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2010, 08:26:03 AM »

Your having this issue is most likely because you are using two routers on your home network and creating a double NATed environment and having issues with the IP address's your devices are getting. I would recommend disabling DHCP on your second router not connected to the modem and be sure to only use the LAN ports on it.
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