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Title: Implications of Adobe ending Flash support for me?
Post by: R. Cormier on September 26, 2020, 08:43:11 AM
So, got the eMail from DLink saying that Adobe is ending support for Flash Player, and I'm trying to understand if this will impact me and the way I use my DCS-936L.

I occasionally view it through the MyDLinkLite app on my tablet, away from home. Sometimes I have cause to record the video to the tablet. But mostly I access it with the Advanced Settings portal through I.E on my desktop. I control its functions that way, and download the video to my desktop from the SD card, so I can watch the video through VLC.

It doesn't look like how I use the camera, nor it's usefulness, will be compromised. However, could someone please clarify for me if this change will impact me in some way that I don't realize?