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Title: DCS-936L two issues
Post by: lljo on November 04, 2019, 07:19:00 PM
There are three of these cameras, that have stopped recording video. I purchased 3 new micro-SD cards (128gb) and after formatting they seemed to start working. Then, after 3 days, they stopped recording video. If I try to view the recordings through the phone app, it shows times when recordings should be present but no recordings. If I open the admin interface, through IE, and go to those same times, I can see there are JPG files but no MP4 files. To try to correct the issue, I looked for a firmware upgrade and found the current firmware was 1.07.04 and there was an upgrade 1.08.03, so I upgraded the cameras successfully. Now, if I open it through IE, it tells me there is a new firmware, but it shows my current is 1.08.03 and the "new" upgrade is 1.07.04! It tells me I can upgrade NOW or LATER, so I click LATER and can see the image.  Something similar happens on the phone, when I open the camera through the phone APP it says "New firmware available", so I click LATER.

The cameras do seem to be recording again, but I cannot tell (yet) if this is going to stop again after some time.

I have had these cameras for years (obviously) with no problem using this setup, and nothing has changed, so can someone tell me what is going on with the recording issue and the firmware upgrade issue?