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DCS-2210L - why no "exposure mode" - AUTO?


F/W 1.02 latest.

1) Why can't this camera have AUTO exposure mode? 
2) When using other settings for Exposure Mode and changing the gain, the difference between 24 and 21 is ridiculous.  go from dark to over pixelated that denoise can't compensate for.
3) Going to gain 18 and below is just more levels of black.

DCS-2230 is much more forgiving and view-able with AUTO exposure mode.

(I'm talking nighttime IR with/out IR-led).

I can't even cause over pixelation with 2230.

The only option I've found is to set:

Exposure Mode=Customize 1 Max Gain=24
Shutter=Min 1/10000   Max=1/8

You might need some Denoise added in 20/50/100 depending on stray light available...

Thanks for this information. Hope it helps future users.  ;)

I've changed my 2230's to this too.  Not using IR at night, and was tired of always switching from auto to low noise at night, then waking up to white picture in morning, then switching back.

Wonder if there is a FW issue. I have my IR on always for the 933L, working when daylight or night time after the lights go out.  ::)


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