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Author Topic: Connecting a Brother Printer Via Wireless or Wired Connection FAQ  (Read 24554 times)


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The Problem
You may find that if you connect a Brother printer to your DLink router you will be unable to print or scan.  If you do some research, you will see that the router has assigned an IP address to your printer, and you will be able to 'ping' the printer successfully from the router or your PC.  But, you will not be able to scan or print.
If you go Start menu, then click on Devices and Printers, then hover the mouse pointer over your brother printer icon, you will see that the printer says it is offline.

The Cause
Brother printer and scanner drivers apparently store an IP address at the time they are installed.  If the IP address assigned by the new router doesn't match what was stored, the network will not be properly connected to the driver(s) even though it is possible to 'ping'.  If you go to the currently installed TCP/IP port for the printer on your PC and change the IP address to match the printer, it will still not work as apparently the IP address information associated with the driver is not updated.
The Solution
In order to make the printer print properly, you will need to create a new TCP/IP port on your PC.  Here are the steps.

1.  Make sure the printer is powered on and connected to the network.
2.  Obtain the IP address of the printer by either accessing the LAN, WLAN, or Printer Reports menus.  Check your printer manual for details.  If you don't have a valid IP address, then you need to troubleshoot your connection issues before you proceed with this solution.

a) In the Start menu click on 'Devices and Printers' link.
b) A window will open and you should see the icon for your brother printer
c) Right click on the printer icon, then select 'Printer Properties' from the drop down menu
d) Click in the 'Ports' tab, then click on the 'Add Port' button. 
e) Select (highlight) the 'Standard TCP/IP Port' line, then press the 'New Port' button.
f) A printer port wizard menu will display.  Click on the 'Next' button
g) Enter the IP address that is assigned to your printer in the top box.  It will duplicate in the bottom box.  Press the 'Next' button.
h) After a few seconds, you should see a screen that shows the connected printer with a variety of details show.
i)  Click 'Finish', then attempt to print a test page.

Fixing the Scanner
Fixing the scanner IP address is performed a bit differently.
a) In the Start menu, enter 'camera' into the search box at the bottom of the menu
b) Click on the link, 'Scanners and Cameras'.  You will be presented with a window that will have your printer listed
c) Highlight/select the printer by clicking once on it, then press the 'Properties' button
d) On the next menu, click on the 'Network Setting' tab
e) Click on the 'Browse' button.  Your PC should find your Brother printer.  Select/highlight the printer and press the 'OK' button
f) The printer/scanner's IP address should be entered into the IP address box automatically. 
g) Be sure to click on the radio button, 'Specify your machine by address', then click the 'OK' button
h) Click on the tab marked 'Scan To Button'.
i) Make sure the 'Register Your PC...' box is checked and that the name of your PC appears in the box at the right hand.
j) Click 'OK', then 'Close', then try to scan a document.

Brother technical support says it is not necessary to have the printer connected to a static IP address.  However, the creator of this FAQ wants to reduce all possibility of errors and therefore has reserved the IP address of the printer so that it is always assigned to the same IP address, and thus is guaranteed to work with the IP addresses as entered above.
Another Way?
This is not tested but I believe will work.  The default IP range for a DLink router is 192.168.0.x whereas the default range for Linksys, TPLink, etc is 192.168.1.x and the default Comcast is 10.0.0.x.
The theory is that if you change the DLink router's IP address to match the old IP address ranges you were using before powering on and connecting the printer, then when the printer is assigned an IP address, it will be in the same range as supplied by the old router, the printer will work, and none of the above actions will be required.
THIS HAS NOT BEEN TESTED.  If someone with a Brother printer will test this and report back, it would be helpful.

Please contact one of the forum moderators or Strong Eagle who compiled this information.
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