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Title: DNS ShareCenter - Why Did My ShareCenter IP Address Change?
Post by: JavaLawyer on August 15, 2012, 09:11:03 AM
The IP address of a ShareCenter connected to a network is subject to change if the router is configured to use dynamically assigned IP addressing. By reserving the IP address on the router, the ShareCenter can be permanently assigned the same IP address.

Hypothetical Scenario That Could Cause a ShareCenter IP Address to Change:

Reserving an IP Address for a ShareCenter

The router web interface offers an option to reserve a specific IP address for any device on the network. Once an IP address is reserved (in the router) for the ShareCenter, the reserved IP address will always be assigned to the ShareCenter, even if the ShareCenter drops off and rejoins the network.

Note: The ShareCenter series provide an option to set a static IP address directly in the ShareCenter web interface. Although this option is available, an IP addresses should always be reserved from within the router web interface rather than the devices connected to the router. Setting a static IP address from within the ShareCenter may result in an addressing conflict if two devices are requesting the same static IP address. Connection issues may also arise if the router IP address range changes such that the ShareCenter static IP address falls outside of the newly defined range.

Benefits of Reserving an IP Address