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Author Topic: URLs used for interacting with the DCS-5020L and DCS-5010L?  (Read 126587 times)


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URLs used for interacting with the DCS-5020L and DCS-5010L?
« on: December 27, 2013, 08:48:50 PM »

I've gathered a lot of info and created zoneminder scripts, etc... but my knowledge of the cameras is somewhat limited.  The data I've accumulated is here:  http://www.zoneminder.com/wiki/index.php/D-Link#DCS-5010L_and_DCS-5020L

I've found these URLs:
http://user:pass@ip.of.camera/dgh264.raw    (h264 stream)
http://user:pass@ip.of.camera/dgaudio.cgi    (audio stream)
http://user:pass@ip.of.camera/dgvideo.cgi    (video stream)
http://user:pass@ip.of.camera/video.cgi       (video stream, I believe mjpeg)

Are there other URLs?  I couldn't find a sticky for this.  When I use ffmpeg or something similar to capture one of the above URLs, the timing is off so it ends up approximately 50% sped up.

Has this information already been gathered?  I can't say that I know what I'm looking for after this.


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Re: URLs used for interacting with the DCS-5020L and DCS-5010L?
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2014, 12:00:18 PM »

hello, is any of these url's working for you?

i tried them, but it's not working :(
i have the dsc-5020L

thank you


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Re: URLs used for interacting with the DCS-5020L and DCS-5010L?
« Reply #2 on: January 07, 2014, 12:02:41 PM »

Those URLs do work for me, however the audio and video do not appear to be included in any single stream.


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Re: URLs used for interacting with the DCS-5020L and DCS-5010L?
« Reply #3 on: January 07, 2014, 12:13:18 PM »

sorry if i sound noobish :(

can you copy those url's into any webbrowser?  (with adjusting the username & password)


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Re: URLs used for interacting with the DCS-5020L and DCS-5010L?
« Reply #4 on: January 07, 2014, 12:31:40 PM »

already tried this, camera is connected local.

could it be IE or chrome does not have access to this?
because it isn't working on both :(


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Re: URLs used for interacting with the DCS-5020L and DCS-5010L?
« Reply #5 on: January 07, 2014, 12:32:44 PM »

The URLs need to be referenced by an application that can pull the stream itself for display or recording.  VLC, ffmpeg, Zoneminder are all examples.


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Re: URLs used for interacting with the DCS-5020L and DCS-5010L?
« Reply #6 on: January 07, 2014, 01:18:06 PM »

i don't understand it anymore :(

i just don't get it working, what am i doing wrong? someone please?


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Re: URLs used for interacting with the DCS-5020L and DCS-5010L?
« Reply #7 on: January 09, 2014, 10:48:25 AM »

after some trying and trying i got it to work, thanks people :)


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Re: URLs used for interacting with the DCS-5020L and DCS-5010L?
« Reply #8 on: February 02, 2014, 05:48:30 AM »

I found some more here.

I need to get Audio from my camera to record using ispy

I am using a DCS-5020L

Is there any way of finding out how the audio is streamed from the DCS-5020L?

Models   Connection Type   Example URL   Audio   Talk Model   Cookies   Flags
1130L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
3220   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/cgi-bin/video.jpg   No   None      
5020L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
5020L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image.jpg   No   None      
5020L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=VGA   No   None      
5020L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video/mjpg.cgi   No   None      
5020L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/MJPEG.CGI   No   None      
5020L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=[WIDTH]x[HEIGHT]   No   None      
5222L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
5222L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video/mjpg.cgi   No   None      
5222L   VLC   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554/play1.sdp   Yes   None      
5300   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/cgi-bin/video.jpg   No   None      
5520L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
6113   FFMPEG   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554//live2.sdp   Yes   None      
6510   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
6620   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/cgi-bin/video.jpg   No   None      
7110   FFMPEG   rtsp://IPADDRESS//live.sdp   Yes   None      
900   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=VGA   No   None      
930   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
930L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/IMAGE.JPG   No   None      
930L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
930L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=VGA   No   None      
930L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/mjpeg.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&password=[PASSWORD]&channel=[CHANNEL]   No   None      
930L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/VIDEO.CGI   No   None      
930L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=[WIDTH]x[HEIGHT]   No   None      
930L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/MJPEG.CGI   No   None      
932L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
932L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/IMAGE.JPG   No   None      
932L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/mjpeg.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&password=[PASSWORD]&channel=[CHANNEL]   No   None      
932L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/mjpeg.cgi   No   None      
932L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=VGA   No   None      
932L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/videostream.cgi?rate=0   No   None      
932L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video/mjpg.cgi   No   None      
932L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/VIDEO.CGI   No   None      
932L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/MJPEG.CGI   No   None      
932L   VLC   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554/play2.sdp   Yes   None      
933   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image.jpg   No   None      
933   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=VGA   No   None      
933   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/VIDEO.CGI   No   None      
933   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=[WIDTH]x[HEIGHT]   No   None      
933   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=VGA   No   None      
942   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
942   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/IMAGE.JPG   No   None      
942L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
942L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video/mjpg.cgi   No   None      
942L   VLC   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554/play2.sdp   Yes   None      backdoor
   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/IMAGE.JPG   No   None      
   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/VIDEO.CGI   No   None      
DCD-2132L   VLC   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554/live3.sdp   Yes   None      
dcl-2200   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/dms.jpg   No   None      
DCS - 6110   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/cgi-bin/viewer/video.jpg?channel=[CHANNEL]&resolution=[WIDTH]x[HEIGHT]   No   None      
DCS 910   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/IMAGE.JPG   No   None      
DCS 920   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=VGA   No   None      
DCS 920   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/VIDEO.CGI   No   None      
DCS- 930   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/IMAGE.JPG   No   None      
DCS- 930   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=VGA   No   None      
DCS- 930   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/VIDEO.CGI   No   None      
DCS- 930   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/mjpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS- 930   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/mjpeg.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&password=[PASSWORD]&channel=[CHANNEL]   No   None      
DCS- 930L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/IMAGE.JPG   No   None      
DCS- 930L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/VIDEO.CGI   No   None      
DCS- 932L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS- 932L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/IMAGE.JPG   No   None      
DCS- 932L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video/mjpg.cgi   No   None      
DCS- 932L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/mjpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS- 932L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=[WIDTH]x[HEIGHT]   No   None      
dcs 942l   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video/mjpg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-2100   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/cgi-bin/video.jpg   No   None      
DCS-2100   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/cgi-bin/video.jpg?size=2   No   None      
DCS-2100   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/cgi-bin/video.jpg   No   None      
DCS-2103   FFMPEG   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554//live1.sdp   Yes   None      
DCS-2103   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/IMAGE.JPG   No   None      
DCS-2103   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/dms?nowprofileid=2   No   None      
DCS-2103   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-2103   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=[WIDTH]x[HEIGHT]   No   None      
dcs-2121   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video/mjpg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-2121   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-2130   FFMPEG   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554//live1.sdp   Yes   None      
DCS-2130   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-2130   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/dms?nowprofileid=2   No   None      
DCS-2132   FFMPEG   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554//live1.sdp   Yes   None      
DCS-2132L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS:554/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-2132L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/dms.jpg   No   None      
DCS-2132L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/dms?nowprofileid=2   No   None      
DCS-2132L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video2.mjpg   No   None      
DCS-2132L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=VGA   No   None      
DCS-2132L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video/mjpg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-2132L   VLC   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554/live3.sdp   Yes   None      
DCS-2210   FFMPEG   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554//live1.sdp   Yes   None      
DCS-2210   FFMPEG   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554//live2.sdp   Yes   None      
DCS-2210   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-2210   VLC   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554/live1.sdp   Yes   None      
DCS-2230   FFMPEG   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554//live1.sdp   Yes   None      
DCS-2310   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
dcs-2332   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/ipcam/stream.cgi?nowprofileid=2   No   None      
DCS-2332L   FFMPEG   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554//live1.sdp   Yes   None      
DCS-2332L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-2332L   VLC   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554/live3.sdp   Yes   None      
DCS-3110   FFMPEG   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554//live2.sdp   Yes   None      
DCS-3220   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/cgi-bin/video.jpg   No   None      
dcs-3430   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video/mjpg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-3430   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS:554/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS3710B   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS3710B1   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/ipcam/stream.cgi?nowprofileid=2   No   None      
DCS-5010L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/snapshot.jpg?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&strm=[CHANNEL]   No   None      
DCS-5010L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/IMAGE.JPG   No   None      
DCS-5010L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image.jpg   No   None      
DCS-5010L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=VGA   No   None      
DCS-5010L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/VIDEO.CGI   No   None      
DCS-5010L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/mjpeg.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&password=[PASSWORD]&channel=[CHANNEL]   No   None      
DCS-5020L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/IMAGE.JPG   No   None      
DCS-5020L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-5020L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image.jpg   No   None      
DCS-5020L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=VGA   No   None      
DCS-5020L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=[WIDTH]x[HEIGHT]   No   None      
DCS-5020L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/mjpeg.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&password=[PASSWORD]&channel=[CHANNEL]   No   None      
DCS-5020L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video/mjpg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-5020L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/VIDEO.CGI   No   None      
DCS-5020L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS:554/mjpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-5020L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/MJPEG.CGI   No   None      
DCS-5220   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image.jpg   No   None      
DCS-5220   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS:554/cgi-bin/viewer/video.jpg?channel=[CHANNEL]&resolution=[WIDTH]x[HEIGHT]   No   None      
DCS-5220   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS:554/cgi-bin/video.jpg?size=2   No   None      
DCS-5220   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/cgi-bin/video.jpg   No   None      
DCS-5220   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.mjpg   No   None      
DCS-5220   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/mjpeg.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&password=[PASSWORD]&channel=[CHANNEL]   No   None      
DCS-5220   VLC   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554/live.sdp   Yes   None      
DCS-5222L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS:554/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-5222L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video/mjpg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-5222L   VLC   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554/play1.sdp   Yes   None      
DCS-5300   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/cgi-bin/video.jpg   No   None      
DCS-5300   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/cgi-bin/video.jpg?size=2   No   None      
DCS-5300 mark   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/cgi-bin/video.jpg?size=2   No   None      
DCS-5300G   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/cgi-bin/video.jpg?size=2   No   None      
DCS-5300G   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/cgi-bin/video.jpg   No   None      
DCS-555L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-5635   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS:554/video/mjpg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-600   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/IMAGE.JPG   No   None      
DCS-600   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/mjpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-6010L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-6010L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video/mjpg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-6314   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-6314   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video/mjpg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-6511   FFMPEG   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554//live1.sdp   Yes   None      
DCS-6511   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-6511   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/dms?nowprofileid=2   No   None      
DCS-6513   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/cgi-bin/video.jpg   No   None      
DCS-6513   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
dcs-6620g   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/cgi-bin/video.jpg   No   None      
DCS-7010L   FFMPEG   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554//live1.sdp   Yes   None      
DCS-7010L   FFMPEG   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554//live2.sdp   Yes   None      
DCS-7010L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-7110   FFMPEG   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554//live2.sdp   Yes   None      
DCS-7110   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-7110   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS:554/cgi-bin/viewer/video.jpg?resolution=640x480   No   None      
DCS-7413   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/ipcam/stream.cgi?nowprofileid=2   No   None      
DCS-7510   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-900   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image.jpg   No   None      
DCS-900W   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/java.jpg   No   None      
DCS-910   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=VGA   No   None      
DCS-920   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=VGA   No   None      
DCS-930   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=VGA   No   None      
DCS930L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=VGA   No   None      
DCS-930L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image.jpg   No   None      
DCS-930L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/snapshot.jpg?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&strm=[CHANNEL]   No   None      
DCS-930L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/jpg/image.jpg?size=3   No   None      
DCS-930L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-930L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/IMAGE.JPG   No   None      
DCS-930L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=VGA   No   None      
DCS-930L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/VIDEO.CGI   No   None      
DCS-930L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video/mjpg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-930L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/mjpeg.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&password=[PASSWORD]&channel=[CHANNEL]   No   None      
DCS-930L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/mjpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-930L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/videostream.cgi?rate=0&user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]   No   None      
DCS-930L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=[WIDTH]x[HEIGHT]   No   None      
DCS-930L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/MJPEG.CGI   No   None      
DCS-931L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/mjpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-932   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=VGA   No   None      
DCS-932   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/mjpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-932L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image.jpg   No   None      
DCS-932L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/IMAGE.JPG   No   None      
DCS-932L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-932L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=VGA   No   None      
DCS-932L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video/mjpg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-932L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/mjpeg.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&password=[PASSWORD]&channel=[CHANNEL]   No   None      
DCS-932L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/VIDEO.CGI   No   None      
DCS-932L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/MJPEG.CGI   No   None      
DCS-932L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/mjpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-932L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=[WIDTH]x[HEIGHT]   No   None      
DCS-933l   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/IMAGE.JPG   No   None      
DCS-933l   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-933l   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=VGA   No   None      
DCS-933l   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/mjpeg.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&password=[PASSWORD]&channel=[CHANNEL]   No   None      
DCS-933l   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/mjpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-933L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video/mjpg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-933L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/MJPEG.CGI   No   None      
DCS-933L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/VIDEO.CGI   No   None      
DCS-942 Frog   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS942L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS942L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video/mjpg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-942L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/IMAGE.JPG   No   None      
DCS-942L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image.jpg   No   None      
DCS-942L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-942L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS:554/video/mjpg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-942L   VLC   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554/play1.sdp   Yes   None      
DCS-942L   VLC   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554/play2.sdp   Yes   None      
DCS-942LA3   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
DCS-942Lcar   VLC   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554/play2.sdp   Yes   None      
DCS-942Lliveroom   VLC   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554/play2.sdp   Yes   None      
DCS-G900   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/IMAGE.JPG   No   None      
D-Link   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/cgi-bin/video.jpg   No   None      
D-Link   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=[WIDTH]x[HEIGHT]   No   None      
D-Link   VLC   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554/play2.sdp   Yes   None      
D-Link   VLC   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554/live.sdp   Yes   None      
D-Link   VLC   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554/live3.sdp   Yes   None      
D-Link   VLC   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554/play3.sdp   Yes   None      
D-Link   VLC   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554/play1.sdp   Yes   None      
DOM_A_NORTH   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
DOM_B_SOUTH   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
DSC-5120L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image.jpg   No   None      
DSC-5300G   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/cgi-bin/video.jpg   No   None      
DSC-920   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=VGA   No   None      
DSC-931L   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS:554/IMAGE.JPG   No   None      
DSC-931L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS:554/mjpeg.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&password=[PASSWORD]&channel=[CHANNEL]   No   None      
DSC-931L   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS:554/video.cgi?resolution=VGA   No   None      
DSC-942L   VLC   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554/play2.sdp   Yes   None      
Garage   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/IMAGE.JPG   No   None      
GHK-gang   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/cgi-bin/video.jpg?size=2   No   None      
LMO-gang   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/cgi-bin/video.jpg?size=2   No   None      
Other   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/jpg/image.jpg?size=3   No   None      
Other   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi?chn=[CHANNEL]&u=[USERNAME]&p=[PASSWORD]   No   None      
Other   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/cgi-bin/video.jpg?size=2   No   None      
Other   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS:554/IMAGE.JPG   No   None      
Other   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/cgi-bin/video.jpg   No   None      
Other   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/cgi-bin/viewer/video.jpg?channel=[CHANNEL]&resolution=[WIDTH]x[HEIGHT]   No   None      
Other   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS:554/temp/image.jpg   No   None      
Other   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/image/jpeg.cgi   No   None      
Other   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS:554/image.jpg   No   None      
Other   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video.cgi?resolution=VGA   No   None      
Other   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS:554/VIDEO.CGI   No   None      
Other   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/cgi/mjpg/mjpeg.cgi   No   None      
Other   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS:554/video/mjpg.cgi   No   None      
Other   VLC   http://IPADDRESS/cgi-bin/view.cgi?chn=[CHANNEL]&u=[USERNAME]&p=[PASSWORD]   Yes   None      
Other   VLC   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554/play1.sdp   Yes   None      
Other   VLC   rtsp://IPADDRESS:554/live3.sdp   Yes   None      
Serverrum   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/cgi-bin/video.jpg?size=2   No   None      
Skranke   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/cgi-bin/video.jpg?size=2   No   None      
Theroy 2   JPEG   http://IPADDRESS/IMAGE.JPG   No   None      
TV-IP572PI   MJPEG   http://IPADDRESS/video/mjpg.cgi   No   None      


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Re: URLs used for interacting with the DCS-5020L and DCS-5010L?
« Reply #9 on: March 13, 2014, 12:51:01 PM »

Anyone know where the PTZ commands would be for this and the 5010L cameras are?


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  • DCS-633L, DCS-5020L
Re: URLs used for interacting with the DCS-5020L and DCS-5010L?
« Reply #10 on: January 08, 2015, 05:11:49 PM »

Anyone know where the PTZ commands would be for this and the 5010L cameras are?

I would also like to know how PTZ works for the 5020 so I can get PTZ working with iSpy. The config iSpy uses doesn't work


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Re: URLs used for interacting with the DCS-5020L and DCS-5010L?
« Reply #11 on: March 26, 2015, 09:27:56 AM »

I would also like to know how PTZ works for the 5020 so I can get PTZ working with iSpy. The config iSpy uses doesn't work

I don't know how iSpy works but here is how you can control PTZ.

Request Path: /pantiltcontrol.cgi

POST parameters
- PanSingleMoveDegree (default 5)
- TiltSingleMoveDegree (default 5)
- PanTiltSingleMove

Values for PanTiltSingleMove (based on the web UI controls):
Top right2
Bottom right8
Bottom left6
Top left0
Home (reset)4

An example request, to pan right:
Code: [Select]
curl --user <username>:<password> --user-agent "user" --data "PanSingleMoveDegree=5&TiltSingleMoveDegree=5&PanTiltSingleMove=5" http://<ip>/pantiltcontrol.cgi
The zoom control is software-based.
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Re: URLs used for interacting with the DCS-5009L
« Reply #12 on: July 19, 2015, 11:42:15 AM »

I'm searching for the URLS used for interacting with the DCS-5009L
To turn the camera to the left I have tried the following URLS without success :


Does someone knows the right syntax ?
Thanks for your help


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Re: URLs used for interacting with the DCS-5020L and DCS-5010L?
« Reply #13 on: July 30, 2015, 07:03:05 AM »

Hi Mario,

For the DCS-5009L you should instead send the request to /jview.html or /hjview.html. The values for the PanTiltSingleMove directions should be the same.