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DWC-1000 problem with NPS RADIUS server when using VLANs


I had some trouble getting the controller to work with the Windows NPS for connections over WPA2-Enterprise.

The problem was the controller was successfully connecting to the Network Policy Server (Event-ID 6272 in the NPS-log) but the Clients did not get any internet connection.

There are a lot of tutorials that use the attribute "Tunnel-Medium-Type" with the value "802 (includes all 802 media plus Ethernet "canonical format")" when using the NPS with multipe VLANs.

The workaround is to remove this attribute, I don't see the sense of it anyway because the NAS port type is already "IEEE 802.11" in the conditions tab of the network policy.

I'm not sure if this is a bug in the DWC-1000 controller. I hope this thread will save somebody hours and days of troubleshooting.


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