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I installed last firmware from support web page:

But my web GUI is working very slowly.

Any idea or help?


Reboot it.

If you downgrade the firmware does the problem continue?

You may need to reset it back to factory defaults and setup again.

I tried reboot, reset, factory defaults and downgrade firmware.
Now I have firmware: and Web GUI work not quickly but it is good.

Are you thinking of a better Dashboard.
My suggestions:
1. Top 5 AP Utilization change to minimum Top 10 AP
2. Top 5 Client Traffic change to minimum Top 25 Clients
3. Size of Dashboard Widgets in this points (1. and 2.) should be wider or all Widgets or Dashboard should be wider
4. Can you make Widget with data in "associatedClients.html" and change column "AP MAC address" to "Location" or add column "Location"

Maybe in new firmware you have some of the changes.
What firmware do you recommend for DWC-2000 and APs DWL-6610AP-B1?



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