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Dwc-1000 probs


Hi guys. I have purchased dwc1000 along with relative license packs to enable 12 access points. My plan is to connect one of my existing standard home wireless router ports to one of the WAN ports on the dwc.

My home hub comes through standard rj11 adsl. Will I be ok to connect rj45 LAN port on wireless router directly to WAN on dwc-1000?

My wireless router currently uses dhcp - default ISP setting.

Thanks in advance for any info

I presume it would be, just know that your DWC would fall under the IP address pool and NAT of the main host router that you connect it too. Does the ISP modem have NAT or is it a stand alone modem letting the main host router handle the NAT?

What is the Mfr and model of the ISP modem and main host router?


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