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Title: Why do you decide that some applications get priority over others?
Post by: Kakashi::. on July 31, 2013, 03:46:07 PM
StreamBoost™ classifies Internet traffic, and sets traffic shaping policies based upon the latency and bandwidth requirements of each application. Because latency and bandwidth demands are quite different for the various application types across a spectrum of devices, Qualcomm Atheros has determined the best classification and policy schemes to deliver an acceptable experience for the most common types of online applications:

This is not to say that the user does not have control of their network. StreamBoost offers a way to prioritize the devices in their home to ensure that the designated devices will have a great experience for their key applications. For instance, when watching Netflix on the Smart TV in the living room, the Smart TV can be prioritized such that watching a video on a laptop in the kids’ room will have no effect on the video performance in the living room