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Title: Different sensitivies when detecting motion
Post by: bschmidt on December 21, 2020, 01:48:08 AM

I am still signed up for notifications via Mail when a motion is detected but D Link informed me that this feature will be gone in March.

I checked settings of the 942-L but noticed that the mail settings are not there - so I assume I am using the mail functionality of the App ("mydlink.com"), not the Camera itself. Anyways.

As email notifications will go away I setup ftp storing when a motion is detected.

Now my question: while triggering works ok for the old way with mail via mydlink.com (motion is detected when there really is motion) via the ftp upload setting the cam seems to detect motion when there is none. It looks that this setting is more "sensitive"? Despite of settings for sensitivity in the cam directly there seem to be more than one sensitivy options?