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Are these compatible DSL-520B DIR-868L?

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Hi, I just purchased a DIR-868L, I haven't installed it yet. I have DLS through my phone company and decided to purchase a new modem after I received the router, I purchased a DSL-520B I rushed through the process during my purchase and now I'm not certain if these two products are compatible or if I actually purchased what I should have.... I have tried to find answers on line with not much success. I needed a new DLS modem to go along with the new router, DIR-868L. Now I'm not certain if I ordered the correct modem.

Any help would be appreciated  ???


I would presume it should be. If you can bridge he modem and let the 868L handle the PPPoE connection, it should work.

I recommend phone contacting your regional D-Link support office and ask to be sure.

Thanks for the advice.  I'm pretty tech savvy when it comes to cell phone, rooting, Roms, etc.  This networking stuff is a different story altogether, I must say its a bit confusing and intimidating.  I thought it would be as simple as getting a new modem and router, hooking it up and wala...  The DSL modem I have now was supplied through my phone company, CenturyLink, 7 years ago.  A few years ago I decided to upgrade my wireless router with a DIR-655 router, I'm very pleased with D-Links products.  That being said, I just didn't realize how much modems have changed.  Just to be honest, I'm kind of nervous about the whole set up, seems like a lot of technicalities just to get it going.  I wish I'd took more time to research the products before placing the order, I purchased them from Amazon.  The phone company had said they would replace my existing modem with a Westell 802.11G for a lease fee of $7.00 a month, no thank you!  All of my computers are 11N and I figured I'd just upgrade the modem and router and I needed a broader range of coverage.  Can you or anyone else give me a walk through of the basics as far as setting these products up?  Please tell me I didn't purchase a Modem/Router combo when I ordered the DSL-520B...  :-\

"cell phone, rooting"?  ???

Well by the looks of the user manual:

This is a modem/router combo.  ::) However, from what I can tell, it can be bridged by looking at page 29 of the UM.

IF this is the case then all you need to do is to bridge the DSL modem, save settings and power it off. You'll need to ask the ISP what the Encapsulation should be. I think the default is what is seen in the UM. Doesn't hurt to ask.

Power ON the DIR-868L and input your ISP DSL PPPoE account user name and PW information you get from CentryLink into the Setup/Internet/Manual/Connection Type/PPPoE drop down menu item. Ensure Always ON is selected. Input your ISPs DNS into the DNS boxes. Save settings, go to Setup/Networking and disable DNS Relay, Save Settings and Reboot Later. Power OFF the 868L. Power back ON the DSL modem, wait for 30 seconds, then power back ON the DIR-868L. If the data and 868L was set up correctly and the DSL modem was bridged correctly and it connects to the ISP service, the Internet LED globe on the 868L should turn GREEN and you should get Internet access to your PCs and devices.

I recommend using IE or FF for this process.

Yes, avoid the modem fee at all costs. I do and recommend everyone else does the same thing as well. ISP modem HW isn't the best and usually has less features and isn't as good and stand alone HW made by D-Link. The 868L will be great router for you. I enjoy mine. You could even turn the 655 into a wired AP for other stuff or add an additional AP for extended coverage as well if needed.

Networking is a entirely different universe.  :o

I can't say THANK YOU enough!!! One more question, when I got DSL the phone company just mailed me my modem.  Later I purchased a wireless router and was never issued a user name and password, unless it is the email address and password I set up through CenturyLink, which at the time was Embarq, 15 years ago?   

Messing with cell phones, rooting, Roms, etc. is a totally different world than networking. I can rebuild a cell phone and laptop but can't grasp the concept of this whole networking business.  This is just a little bit embarrassing, thank god for forums and ppl like you.  I have been in some forums where ppl aren't quite so "polite" to newbies.  I love android central and XDA forums, I am a member of several android forums but those two are by far the most informative and the moderators will not tolerate condescending post to newbies.

Thank you bunches for being so kind to a "newbie"


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