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wifi problems always going down several times a day!


good i'm new here on the forum i'm portuguese so if you don't understand my english is from the translator.
I have a problem with my router.
the wifi is always turning off and on sometimes every 15 minutes.
I have vodafone fiber at home and I connected the dlink router by cable to the vodafone router (Huawei Mod: HG8747Q)
I made the configuration for the dlink to control the applications because it is better than the vodafone router.
the wifi is always going down several times a day! I have wifi 2.4 separate from 5 ghz! I have the updated router logo and I can put it here on the topic.
since I am connected to a vodafone router because the fiber enters the vodafone router directly and I cannot connect directly to the network without going through the vodafone router, should the vodafone router control the connections and connections in this case?
I have 2 mesh connections with dink devices too, model dlink dap 1620 ac1300


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